It should have been THE topic of the year 2010, but in the end, the grand plans of Orlando’s TNA Wrestling proved to be real duds. WWE vs TNA all started with a big press conference October 2009 in the (WWE own backyard) Madison Square Garden in New York City. Hulk Hogan announced his future cooperation with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling during the press conference.

And the Hulkster was not alone. Together with Eric Bischoff, he declare war on the WWE alongside Spike TV and TNA President Dixie Carter. Spike TV would broadcast on 4 January 2010, the return of both WCW/WWE veteran with a three-hour live iMPACT! to kick start a new era: WWE vs TNA 2010

The monday night move for TNA Impact was controversial and created a huge buzz among wrestling fans, because the last two hours of Impact! ran at the same time against Monday Night Raw, the most watched wrestling show on American television.

The WWE vs TNA ratings experiment seemed successful for TNA even in the eyes of the biggest pessimists and did better than predicted. Although the WWE with 5.6 million viewers clearly remained in the lead, but a total of 2.2 million viewers, meant a new record for the TNA Promotion of Dixie Carter .

TNA had done it, achieving a record high 1.5 rating for Impact,  even against the WWE on Monday Night.  Fans were buzzing about the debut of Jeff Hardy, the reunion of the Wolfpac and the arrival of Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff.   Blinded by the success of the Live January 4th TNA Impact, the company seem to forgot that they were unrivaled in the first hour and the surprise debuts for the broadcast draw in many cautious fans. TNA decided to declare the monday night war permanently on WWE.  It turn out to be a huge flop….

It was soon agreed with Spike TV that on 8th March, the long-cherished wish of TNA, the successes of reliving the Monday Night Wars was seemingly going to be fulfilled.

But WWE vs TNA 2010 Monday Night War was a real blow for the wrestling promotion from the South. TNA was equipped with Ric Flair , Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Scott Hall and Mr. Anderson’s along with many TNA stars for the March 8th TNA Impact, but even with many old faces on, the rating success did not came as easily as TNA had wanted.

The rating of 1.4 million viewers in the first week on March 8th proved to be a bad start that continue to fell in the next few weeks as WWE Raw reached fever pitch with the retirement angle of Shawn Michaels and Wrestlemania 26 featuring John Cena vs Batista & Bret Hart vs Vince Mcmahon as the key feuds .

Spike TV responded quickly and moved iMPACT ! from 9pm EST to 8pm EST. However even avoiding the second half of Raw didn’t help. Finally on 26 April, during a three-hour special broadcast of Raw, the plug was pulled when TNA Impact only drew audience rating of 0.5 rating points..the lowest in the WWE vs TNA ratings war.

There will always be endless analysis of why the move to Monday Night failed so badly for TNA despite their signing of a host of “big names” such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, RVD  along with the Sting, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Mick Foley of the roster.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was, after only two months, surrendering in the WWE vs TNA rating war that they opened on Monday . The great dream of a new weekly Monday Night War, that would propel TNA Wrestling to become the top company had been ended. Remarkably, the reaction from the WWE about the new war – there was none. Backstage reports suggest that Mr. McMahon seemingly decided to pay no attention to the new competitors. In this case, he was so spot-on.


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  1. if i was a wwe wrestler, i would be like the undertaker and kick tna wrestling butt, means the wwe vs tna war won’t happen.

  2. sankar sugathan says:

    I would like to say that tna has now lost its rating due t wwe s major storylines with cm punk and the rocks WWE return which is much bigger than hulk hogan joining TNA and jeff hardy return to TNA Wrestling.

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