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The annual WWE Releases layoffs season is coming soon. In some circles, it’s also reference as the WWE Spring Cleaning or the FEW Club (Future Endeavorer Wrestling).  The reason for that is that the WWE Released Superstars always get a mention on wwe website with the statement saying that the  WWE company wish the “insert name” superstar all the best in future endeavors (which include joining  TNA Wrestling).  The Spring Cleaning part is due to the WWE financial statement schedule which means that April is the time to trim down on expenses and a list of WWE Releases occur every year during this period.   Last year, the WWE Releases 2010 include well known names of MVP, Kaval, Matt Hardy, Jillian Hall and others.

Every year World Wrestling Entertaiment will have a handful of WWE Released Superstars and Divas, for which WWE either has no creative  ideas and no longer provide the required services for the company. This year it is likely that the WWE Midcarders shortly after Wrestlemania might be in line for WWE firings, and with the wildest theories having  been established, I would like to express my views and also share with you my predictions about WWE Releases 2011.  Please note that it is not my call or desire to see any WWE superstars firing, but it’s a known fact that the WWE Firings occurs every year right after Wrestlemania. You can bet that the evaluation by WWE officals when making these deicsions will be much harsher and critical than mine. So with that said, here’s my own thoughts on who is likely to be among the WWE Firings.

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction – Trent Baretta: You can clearly see that Bareta is not suited the main roster,  the WWE officials thought they could do something about it thought,  but what you could do is  have him among the wwe releases 2011 list so he could train in Japan and  restart with him in future. The background to this wrestler was that the tag team division in WWE is a joke and it is known that tag team were needed to compete for the Tag Team Championships at the time held by the Hart Dynasty. The tag team divison was  lacking challenger. How bad was the tag team divison? The embarrassment that is the Dudebusters formally challenger for the WWE Tag Team Titles.  When Caylan Croft was dismissed, for the first time Barreta still had a quiet good single run, but then went through a losing streak. You can see clearly that Trent Baretta is not getting over and thus the odds are that he will be among the WWE Released Superstars come April.

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction Rosa Mendes: Why she might be among the WWE Releases 2011 list this year?  Milena Rouka, Rosa Mendes’s real name, got plenty of time to hone her skills Wrestling. Even when OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) promotion was still the WWE’s development, she had already trained there. But the result of this training is disappointing. The WWE officials seem anything but impressed by their “benefits” , you could tell them that by the fact that it’s been over 2 years with no wrestling match on WWE TV, Rosa Mendes is mainly used in FCW. If the untalented diva is among the WWE Released Superstars no one will miss surely.

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction – Kaitlyn: I still wonder what the NXT3 season 3 winner has actually won? Be honest: How can someone win a show, at which the next breakout star will be sought if she is then only used in the WWE own development league? Not a good sign for their continued detention at WWE ….I would say she is a possible but I think she deserve a chance to be recalled to the main roster and not be added to the WWE Releases 2011 list

WWE Releases 2011 list – Michael Tarver:  The former boxer was injured during the last year and lost his spot at The Nexus. But now that he is recovered again, it seems on the part of the WWE , they have made no no effort to make him return back to the main show, although the last month he was physically well already but was  sent to work FCW Shows. Tarver in the ring is nothing good to rave about and he is not like The Great Khali, who can be important for a larger market or otherwise stands out, I think of no reason that Tarver would be saved from dismissal, so i’m counting him among the WWE Released Superstars.

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction – Jimmy & Jay Usso: Again, two challengers who are not being used much in the WWE tag team division. The brothers are a quite bearable “loss” because their wrestling style is boring, they have no charisma and the WWE Tag Team Wrestling in any case means nothing. In addition, we have with the Bella Twins already a Gemini team, “Twin Magic” is on and we definitely do not need two.

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction JTG:  Ever since Cryme Time was broken up, JTG has been appearing on Superstars and not really have any memorable feuds. The gimmick of JTG seem to have run stale, unless he’s get a new character change, he an’t getting over with the crowd. I just don’t see much future in the WWE for JTG, so i’m guessing he will be another of the WWE Released Superstars  in 2011

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction – Tyler Reks: Last year,  Tyler debut on WWE Smackdown and provide an old tradition wrestling style, and the WWE tried to establish him as soon as possible in the Main Event. Reks qualified in his first WWE match for team smackdown to join the “important” 10 Man Elimination Match on Bragging Rights 2010. However, the officials probably are not much convinced by his performances, because then he ended up on WWE Superstars Show, where he is currently experiencing a total Depush. Odds are high that he will be one of the 2011 WWE Released Superstars

WWE Releases 2011 Prediction – Primo. The brother of Carlito was orginally called up to form a tag team with Carlito and they were succesfully enough, even winning the WWE Tag team champioship. However Carlito was fired and Primo has since been struggling as a single wrestler, mostly wrestling on WWE Superstars TV show and doing jobs on Raw. As he’s not really over and has not display any exceptional ring or mic work, WWE may add him to the list of WWE Released Superstars

Based on the WWE Releases 2010, it would seem that even Midcarder are not excluded from the list. The only thing positive about the WWE Released Superstars after Wrestlemania? Some WWE Superstars get a final payday at Wrestlemania and appearing on the biggest PPV of the year, so it’s a decent sending off if you think of it that way.


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