WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

WWE Diva Couture – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

WWE is planning soon a new regular video segment called “WWE Diva Couture” to be published on wwe.com. The first episode of WWE Diva Couture will feature WWE Diva Eve Torres. The WWE web series will  feature the WWE Diva sharing fashion tips and advice. You can see the video preview of WWE Diva Couture below.

WWE Raw Live Notes – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

– After Monday Night RAW went off air this week, The Miz came out and wanted to take Alex Riley to task. However Riley did not show up and instead John Cena gave Miz the Attitude Adjustment and Rey Mysterio follow up with the 619.

Cena then lock Miz in the STF and Miz shouted “I Quit” several times into the microphone that Mysterio had in his hand.

– Kofi Kingston’s New Ring clothing on Raw this week was created by a 6-year-old Canadian Kid. The kid name is Luke and he won a competition in WWE Kids magazine to design Kofi Kinston new ring gear..

– During RAW, WWE Twitter trends were CM Punk, Randy Savage, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Michael Cole, Bret Hart, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre and Alex Riley. These were “worldwide trending topic” on the social network.

– After Kharma knelt in the ring it was switched to a commercial break. What you could not see or hear were loud “Bullshit” chants of the live fans during the break.

WWE Raw 05/23/11 Rating – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

The latest edition of Monday Night RAW on on 5/23/2011 achieved in the broadcast a rating of 3:42 points. The hourly values ​​were 3.44 and 3.36. Again, the second hour was the weaker, which is a worrying sign for WWE management.

Compared to last week Raw however, the overall Raw Rating rose from by 0:30 point. Overall, this week WWE Raw was viewed by more than 5 million people. In the Main Event of the show was it a tag team match with John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and R-Truth.

Chris Jericho Twitter Update – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

– Chris Jericho recent tweet appears to hold a lot of praise for R-Truth. His prediction is that RTruth will be “the next big thing” in WWE. Chris Jericho wrote: “Here’s a prediction RonKillings is gonna be the next big thing in the WWE. And I have a better track record than Harold Camping.”

WWE Tough Enough 5/23/11 Results|Rating – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

– – In this week edition of Tough Enough, which was broadcast before Monday Night RAW, there was a double elimination. Both AJ and Christina were sent home.

In the “Bottom Three” was Andy, who was spared and made it into the final 3 tough enough contestants. The other remaining Tough Enough Cast members are LUke and Jeremiah.

The current edition of WWE Tough Enough achieved a rating of 1.64 points with about 2,562,000 viewers. This value is slightly higher than the value from last week (1.61 points with 2.4 million viewers).

In this issue there was also a guest appearance by The Rock who served as guest star. Next week The Miz will be on Tough Enough as the guest star, the Miz appearance was made during the time of his WWE Championship reign.

Next week, the participants will be reduced to the final 2 and the Tough Enough 2011 season finale will take place on WWE Raw 06/06/2011, where Stone Cold will announce the 2011 Tough Enough winner live.

WWE India HQ Office – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

WWE issued a press release on Tuesday. In it, the company confirmed that WWE would open an office in India. Rukn Kizilbash will act as the “General Manager” WWE India HQ. Kizilbash will work under Dominic Hayes (Senior Vice President and Managing Director of WWE International).

On 01 June 2011 the new WWE HQ will opened in Mumbai, the WWE-TV program is currently received in 75 million households in India on Ten Sports’.

WWE Raw 06/27/11 Las Vegas Preview – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11

WWE will be back next month in Las Vegas (Nevada) Thomas & Mack Center on 27 June 2011 to record two episode of WWE RAW on the same night. The reason for the double taping is due to WWE Australia Tour in June.

It has also been confirmed that the Raw Roulette will return on WWE RAW 27th June 2011 broadcast. The Raw Roulette will feature WWE Superstars being featured in random matches determined by the spinning of the Roulette.

Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio Wrestlemania 28 Match – WWE News and Rumors 05/25/11
While WWE have already announced 1 year in advance John Cena vs Rock WrestleMania 28, we could now have another match for the Super Show next year. Rumors are surfacing that WWE is currently planning the Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara Wrestlemania 28 match.

There has been talks among the WWE Creative team about booking a singles match between the two masked superstar in Miami (Florida). The match up would be considered a “dream match” by many fans. There are rumors within WWE that Rey Mysterio will retire in 2012, although Mysterio recently responded that he will stay in WWE for a few more years.

On this occasion, WWE would also like to break a record for the greatest number of masked spectators in one place. It is well known that the wrestling masks of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara’s are among the most popular merchandise from WWE.

Whether this match of Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio really happens remains to be seen. WrestleMania 28 will be held on 01 April 2012 in
Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.


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