WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper

Here are several posters for the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank 2011 PPV which take place on 17 July at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The first WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper you can see here featuring the New Nexus Leader Cm Punk:

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper Rating: 4/5
This is a really cool design, with a very professional layout. It feature Cm Punk, a 2 time Money In The Bank Winner as the centerpiece.  Will Cm Punk win MITB for the 3rd time this year?  We’ll see.  The coolest thing about this design is the smoke effect in the background.

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper Rating: 3/5
This design is very unique, with the WWE Superstars portrayed as grabbing money which is falling from the sky. However the lack of any focus on the identity of the Superstars is a negative for me, therefore I give a lower rating for this poster.

WWE Money In The Bank 2011Poster|Wallpaper Rating: 3/5
While easy on the eye this is my least favourite of all the Poster so far.  It feature Rey Mysterio flying in the sky with dollar bills floating around, which does not really bring out the concept of the PPV. Definitely abit too simplistic, in my opinion, but i’m sure Rey Mysterio fans might like it.

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper Rating: 4/5

This poster features Christian whom I’m sure many WWE fans would want as the guy to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  The design is very creative, having Christian reveal a briefcase with the money flying out. Perhaps my favorite poster so far, certainly very creative idea.

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster John Morrison (a hot favorite to win MITB this year in the minds of WWE fans).

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Poster|Wallpaper Rating: 3/5

This poster feature John Morrison, who may or may not be wrestling on the PPV, given his current injury status.  The background design is kinda boring, and having John Morrison hanging upside down make no sense. The best thing about the poster is probably the  MITB logo on top, which is very direct in communicating what’s the event about..

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Wiki

The Money In The Bank Concept has become one of the most anticipated match of the year for WWE fans, it’s so popular that it’s got it’s own PPV.  Originally the Money In The Bank Ladder match was exclusive to Wrestlemania.  However since 2010, the WWE had feature the concept on it’s own similarly titled PPV.

The difference was that instead of seeing just 1 MITB match featuring talents from Raw and Smackdown, the WWE Universe get to see 2 MITB Matches featuring exclusive talents from Raw and Smackdown.  Also the winner of the MITB could only cash in on the World Champion from their own brand. Previously the MITB winner could cash in on the World Champion from any WWE brand.

At WWE Money In The Bank 2010, Kane cashed in his MITB briefcase on the same night, defeating Rey Mysterio to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Meanwhile The Miz would win the Raw brand MITB match, which he later cashed in on Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship for the first time.

WWE Money In The Bank 2010 Poster Kofi Kingston

The MITB is not just a fun multiple man ladder match for fan’s enjoyment, it’s also becoming the launching pad for main event stardom.  Since 2005, the following wrestlers have cashed in the MITB contract to become WWE World Champion for the first time in their career.

2005 – Edge (cashed in On John Cena at New Year Resolution)
2006 – RVD (cashed in on John Cena at One Night Stand)
2007 – Edge (defeat Mr Kennedy for the MITB Contract and then Cashed in On Undertaker on Smackdown)
2008 – Cm Punk (cashed in on Edge on Raw)
2009 – Cm Punk (cashed in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules)
2010 – Jack Swagger (cashed in on Chris Jericho on Smackdown)
2010 – Kane (cashed in on Rey Mysterio at the PPV) Miz (cashed in on Randy Orton on Raw)
*Last year, the WWE Held two events featuring MITB matches. The second one being the Money In The Bank 2010 PPV which took place in July, after the original event at Wrestlemania 2010.

Who do you think will be the WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Winner for Raw and Smackdown respectively? Feel free to comment below with your WWE Money in The Bank 2011 Predictions.


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