Wrestlemania 27

It’s coming, the biggest WWE PPV of the year from Atlanta Georgia on April 3rd 2011, here’s the Wrestlemania 27 countdown as we head into WWE Wrestlemania 27 weekend. Let’s look at the WWE Wrestlemania 27 match card along with trivia information about the event.

The Wrestlemania 27 Official Poster

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs Alberto Del Rio
(World Heavyweight Championship Match)

It must be said that Alberto Del Rio has undoubtedly had the upper hand for most of the buildup for this Wrestlemania 27 match, however with that being said you can never truley count out the Ultimate Opportunist Edge. It is no accident that he earned that moniker, At Wrestlemania 27 Edge will do anything he can to retain the title as he is notorious for noticing any little flaw any tiny little opportunity to win a match or get a step ahead of his opponets in some way shape or form.

While I personally have not been impressed by Alberto Del Rio, honestly he has only won a handful of matches without the help of either Ricardo or cheating. He has the talent and yet he still has to find the cheap way out against most opponents which tells me he has potential but is unsure how to utilize it. Overall I think WWE will pull the Wrestlemania 27 Booking swerve and Edge will win this match for 2 reasons.

1. Edge has far more experience than Del Rio both in title matches and just in general wrestling in the WWE. Yes Del Rio has wrestled all over the world but that isn’t WWE experience else where really doesn’t count for much in the WWE.

2. Edge has won against every thing put in his way thus far from the ruthless Kane to the controlling and vindictive power couple of Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. If Edge can keep his world championship through all of these different obstacles I see no reason why he can’t retain against Del Rio.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I see Edge winning this match and doing it well, in my opinion he is the better overall wrestler, and personally I just like him a hell of a lot better than Del Rio.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: The WWE Wrestlemania 27 Theme Song Is Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah , a top hit in the UK/USA music charts last year.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
WWE Champion The Miz vs John Cena
(WWE championship Match)

Let me start off by saying that I honestly cannot stand the Miz, he has little to no talent in the ring, and though his mic skills are really good they do not make up for his lack of in ring skills. Honestly I feel as though this match has been lost in the shuffle in WWE lately, with the current Wrestlemania 27 John Cena vs The Rock feud. Also I have personally found the Miz to be a weak champion since day 1. He won the WWE championship only after Randy Orton had

1. Had a match against Wade Barett .
2. Been attacked by the whole Nexus.

I realize that the holder of the MITB briefcase is able to cash in the contract any time any where, but it has just made the winning champion look weaker and weaker every time someone wins by cashing in the MITB. The Miz is no exception and I have never considered him to be even US Champ material before although I must say he has improved quite a bit since he first arrived in the WWE. Speaking of MITB, there will be No Wrestlemania 27 Money in the Bank match as it has been shifted to the June Money In The Bank 2011 PPV instead.

At the same time however you have the been there done that of John Cena being the WWE champion, make no mistake I am a huge fan of Cena. I know a lot of people don’t like this since they don’t like Cena in general, however you cannot over look what John Cena has done for WWE since he has arrived.

Cena came in at just the right time as all the big stars of the past(The Rock, Stone Cold, and many others had just left or were leaving), WWE needed the next big thing to come along and quick and Cena was that big thing, and just in time to. Cena has held multiple WWE championships and I personally like his redisgn of the WWE title. Whether you love him or hate him John Cena has been the back bone of WWE for the last few years.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I am personally routing for John Cena to win, I know I know it is been there done that but honestly anybody will make a better WWE champ then the Miz, Miz may have been a decent filler champ but thats it he needs to give it up an go back to competing for the Tag team and US championships.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 Date and Time is 7pm Est to 11pm Est on 3rd April 2011, the only 4 hour WWE PPV of the year.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
The Undertaker vs Triple H
(No Holds Barred)

Wrestlemania 27 HHH vs Undertaker

Whether this end up the Wrestlemania 27 main event or not, it will be sure to steal the show. I am sure this will be a match for the ages, a match between two of the biggest and best icons of the industry. There can be only one winner and only one Last Outlaw. Before this match was confirmed, there were rumors of Wrestlemania 27 Undertaker vs Sting match and Wrestlemania 27 Kane vs Undertaker rematch. When rumors of the match first starting floating about I was initaly skeptical that there would be proper build up for this match or that the feud for this match wouldn’t make sense, thankfully all my fears were for nothing.

The buildup for this Undertaker vs Triple H Wrestlemania 27 match has been absolutely epic. From all of the promos cut by the superstars individualy and the ones they cut together, you really get that big match feel with this one. Add to that you throw in HBK Shawn Michaels adding in what he has to say abou these two giants of the industry and I don’t think there is much more you can ask for.

On one hand you The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman, his Wrestlemania winning streak speaks for itself most people consider the streak even more prestigus than any championship. It is an epic feet it would be like a single NFL team winning the superbowl 18 years in a row or an NHL team winning the Stanley Cup 18 times in a row. For The Undertaker the streak is what keeps him going it is the only major goal he has in WWE anymore as he has held virtually every title. For the WWE fans, the fate of the streak will be one of the key highlights of the Wrestlemania 27 Lineup

On the other hand you have Triple H. The Cerebral Assasain, The King of Kings, his career also speaks for itself. He has formed 2 of the most dominant stables ever in WWE. First he formed DX with HBK Shawn Michaels and we all know how successful they were. He the later formed Evolution with Ric Flair, the group that at one point held every male title in WWE. For Triple H he has done it all and seen it all in WWE. He has seen people come and go, only one has lasted longer than him, The Undertaker. For Triple H the only true challenge he has left is breaking the streak, and as he has said before if he can’t end it he’ll die trying.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I will be cheering for The Undertaker in this match. Over the year I have heard people constantly say he looks as though he is slowing down, getting old, not performing as well. Lets face facts folk the undertaker isn’t 30 any more. I do believe The Undertaker still has a passion for this business and still wants to be in it. I believe he unlike Ric Flair will know the right time to leave when his body can’t take it any more.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 Cost $55 for United States fans and £15 for United Kingdom fans. There’s also the option of purchasing the Wrestlemania 27 blu-ray and Wrestlemania 27 dvd for those wishing to rewind the event.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
Randy Orton vs C.M. Punk
(New Nexus Banned From Ringside)

This has been the match that came out of left field to me. I saw this among the Wrestlemania 27 plans but this feud completely threw me off, I believe I am not alone in saying that I had completely forgotten about Orton puning Punk 2 years ago, fact is I don’t believe anyone remembered it immediately except CM Punk.

I am a fan of both of these wrestles and honestly it’s hard not to be. I know CM Punk is playing a heel role right now but he is still one the best wrestlers WWE has right now. The only thing holding him back has been his size to some extent. CM punk started in ECW where he faced a long ardous climb to the top fighting John Morisson(heel at the time) tooth and nail to get the ECW Championship. When he finally doesn he defends it well and is a fighting champion. Fast forward a few years and CM punk has won 2 MITB’s and 2 World titles. CM punk is set to be one of the stars that WWE will rely on far into the future with the older guys moving on and he will look to shine with the Wrestlemania 27 WWE universe watching on.

The you look at Randy Orton, The Legend Killer. Randy’s career has been full of ending other peoples career’s ever since he was thrown out of evolution by Triple H he has been on a mission to prove not only to himself and Triple H but to everyone else that he is more than capable of handling everything on his own. Just a couple of years ago he headed his very very successful stable Legacy, this stable allowed Randy to keep the WWE title for nearly a year. Orton has proved himself both in ring and out over the years. He will have a very bright very celebrated career for many years. to come.

This match came about as a result of Randy punting Punk 2 years ago and costing him the World Heavyweight title. Since Nov of last year Punk along with the rest of the new Nexus have made sure to make Randy’s life hell and have they ever. However Orton did manage to get some measure of revenge as in the last month he has punted, and put out each and every member of the New Nexus minus Punk Himself.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I know my choice on this one will not be a popular one but I actually look for CM Punk to win this. I know I know he is the bad guy right now, but as I said above in the description he has all the talent in the world. If ever there was a time to let Punk’s true talent out again without the New Nexus, the Wrestlemania 27 stage is the place.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 Axxess Tickets cost $20-40 while Wrestlemania 27 Axxess VIP tickets cost $50-$60. The full Wrestlemania 27 Axxess schedule can be found on the WWE website.

The Wrestlemania 27 Press Conference to reveal the location of the event

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Michael Cole
(Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin)

While this match is in all honesty an all out joke I am still looking forward to it for one reason and one reason only. To see Michael Cole finally get his ass kicked like he should have gotten months ago. This all started with Cole costing Jerry his very first chance at a WWE championship since he kisses the Miz’s ass. Since then the hostility between these 2 has grown week after week, to the point where the GM had to threaten to fire Jerry if he touched Cole. This feud has been a nonsense feud in my opinion. Cole knows he is a pompous ass and knows he should have just apologized to Jerry for costing him the match and gone on with his job like he is supposed to.

Michael Cole knows that he has been wrong all along but is too big a pompous ass to admit it. He is not nor has he ever been nor in all likely hood will he ever be a wrestler. He is going to get his ass kicked in his match against Jerry. He tried to rig the match like crazy in his favor by having his “coach” Jack Swagger at ringside, and attempted to have his referee JBL

At Wrestlemania 27 Jerry Lawler will be all about revenge as he has had to put up with this assclown for nearly 2 years now. While he may have never liked Cole per-se he never had anything against him. Jerry has only done what he has been instructed to do by the general manager. He has been screwed out of the WWE championship by Cole. Personally I admire Jerry Lawler, I couldn’t hold it in this long I’d have snapped a long time ago

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : If Michael Cole wins this Wrestlemania 27 match, it will be a complete farse as he is completely usesless in the ring whereas Jerry Lawler has won more title than any other single wrestler in history.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 Guest host rumors included Justin Bieber or Bob Barker hosting the event. Finally Wrestlemania 27 Guest Host The Rock made his first WWE live apperance in 7 years to make the announcement officially on Raw. It will be interesting to see the first ever Wrestlemania 27 host The Rock interact with the fans and wrestlers during the PPV.

The Rock Wrestlemania 27 Live On WWE PPV for the first time in 7 years as Guest Host.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Wrestlemania 27 Matches

This match came about after Rey Mysterio accidentally yes accidentally broke Cody Rhodes nose with his knee brace during a 619. However it should be noted that Cody was the one to expose the knee brace in the first place. I think this will be a great match between a legend of wrestling and one of the new up and comers. However I think the storyline is complete bull shit.

Cody Rhodes was never dashing in my opinion to begin with anything that happened to his face can only be an improvement. With that being said I have been a fan of Rhodes since he first started with WWE back in 2007, where he had to fight to earn the respect of Hardcore Holly and win the Tag Team titles. After holding the titles with Hardcore for a little bit Cody would go on to betray Hardcore and team with Ted Dibiase who he would also later go onto be a part of the stable Legacy lead by Randy orton later. Rhodes admitedly hasn’t enjoyed as much success or camera time since the split with Orton and Dibiase but he has gotten a little of what he never got with those guys, the time to shine on his own. He is talented but he needs to worry a litte less about his face and little more about winning his matches.

Rey Mysterio, is a man of pride and honor among other things. His pride was ripped from him when Cody took off his mask a few weeks back on Smackdown for a luchadore the mask is everything. Rey has been a maintstay in WWE for quite a number of years now after having performed in Mexico and then getting his start in America in the now defunct ECW. Rey has always amazed fans with his high flying offense. Rey knows just as Cody does that injuries are and every day part of life he has had at least five knee injuries himself so he is no stranger when it comes to injuries. He certainly doesn’t go out of his way to hurt people although Cody Rhodes and Michael Cole would have you believe otherewise.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I see Rey Mysterio coming out on top in this match and for good reasons. He is a better competitor, don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Cody Rhodes but, Cody doesn’t have half the experience or move set that Rey has. Honestly after all Rey has gone through the last month with Cody and Dusty Rhodes he deserves to win at Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 Location were rumored to be Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or Indianapolis before WWE decided to hold the event in Altanta, Georgia.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
John Morrison, Trish Stratus, & Snookie vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool
(Mixed Tag Team Match)

This match is John Morrison Wrestlemania 27 spot and I am interested to see how this match will play out, it came up as a big time improvised match. It is cool to see so many big names in this match with the likes of Trish and Snooki being in the match. If nothing else this match will be worth watching just for the entertainment value. While personally I cannot stand Laycool you cannot deny how successful they have been since becoming a group.

First you have to look at the side with Snooki, and Trish on it, since that is what got this whole thing started. About 3 weeks before Wrestlemania Snooki came to Raw as the guest host, during this episode she was at ringside during a match, before the match she interacted with laycool and one of them pushed her into her seat. Snooki would sit quitely for just a bit as she would be crucial in John Morrison and Trish winning there match against laycool by keeping the match fair.

Laycool for there part took exception to Snooki being on Raw and out shining them as well as keeping there match with John Morrison and Trish on an even keel. I said above I have never liked laycool much let me clarify just a little bit on that. I personally can’t stand Layla, after a few seconds her voice in unbearable and her in ring skills are complete trash, it was riddicoulus when she won the Women’s championship and even more stupid when laycool turned it into a breakaway championship by co-holding the title.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : I will be rooting for John Morrison’s team however it would not surprise me at all for Dolph’s team to win if they allow Vickie to stay at ringside. I am thinking Laycool will win but it will not be a clean one if the do.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: There are over 70,000 Wrestlemania 27 tickets available and more were made available after the Rock was announced as the guest host of the ppv event.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
United States Champion Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
(United States Championship Match)

It has really been interesting to see how this match came about for Wrestlemania 27 xxvii. This will be a rematch between these 2 for the United States Championship.

Sheamus had been having some really really bad luck before he won this championship. Since he had won King of the Ring earlier in the year he had been on a losing streak. Honestly though sheamus had been on a downward spiral since losing th WWE championship early in 2010.

Sheamus is a heck of a superstar and always has been in my opinion he got his start in ECW and stayed there dominating for a year before he was traded up to the main Raw Roster. Since moving to the raw roster he has been extremely dominant winning the WWE title twice. However since he won KOTR in late 2010 he had been on a downward spiral to the point where he vowed to quit if he couldn’t win the US title. He did just that the very next week showing he is still very much dominant.

I know a lot of indie fans will hate me for this but I honestly didn’t even know about Daniel Bryan before he made his first WWE appearance on NXT. He did not look very impressive on NXT, but since gone on to become very successful in WWE and now will be on his first ever Wrestlemania 27 match card. After a one week stint with Nexus he was fired only to be rehired four months later to help team WWE against the Nexus. Since wrapping up his problems with the nexus he has gone on to win and hold the US title for 4 months. So far his biggest challenge in WWE has been balancing his love life though. He had the Bella twins fawning over him until they found out that he was dating Gail Kim secretly. For Daniel Bryan this match at Wrestlemania is a chance for him to get his title back.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : While I cannot deny the skill of sheamus(who could) I honestly think that Daniel Bryan will get his title back. WWE has been really big on this kid since his debut and for good reason, he has all the necessary skills to succeed and keep succeeding in WWE.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: Wrestlemania 27 full card currently consist of 9 matches, the main event is still being decided between John Cena vs Miz or Undertaker vs Triple H. There are also rumors about adding Kofi Kingston vs Drew Mcyintyre to the Wrestlemania 27 fight card, but only as a dark match.

Wrestlemania 27 Matches
8 Man Tag Team Match
The Corre vs Kane, The Big Show, Vladimir Koslov, & Santino Marella

In its purest essence this is a tag team match, however it has been proven in matches against The Corre before that if it is only 2 on 2 the other 2 members of The Corre are sure to interfere, so the only way to ensure a fair match is to make it 4 on 4. This has been one of the Wrestlemania 27 rumored matches that was officially confirmed only this past week on Raw. The final two opponents of the Corre could have led to an Kevin Nash Wrestlemania 27 appearance but obviously WWE choose not to utilize Big Daddy Cool Diesel.

First you have to look at The Corre a group of four equals. It consists of the outsed former leader of The Nexus Wade Barrett, and the very very talented tag team that also used to be a part of Nexus Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel, then you throw in the unpredictable new guy the big man Ezekiel Jackson. Wade, Heath, and Justin have proved before when they were all in the Nexus that they are more than capable of working together and since adding big Zeke to the mix the group only get more and more dangerous. The Corre will be hungry to ensure that Wrestlemania 27 results are in their favors.

Wrestlemania 27 wallpaper with the confirmed fight card

Kane and the Big Show as most people know have been Tag team Champs together before and make a very good team the same can be said for Koslov and Marella. It remains to be seen how these four will get along all together in the same ring but if the can get along and work together during the match I see absolutely no reason why this team shouldn’t win the match at Wrestlemania.

WWE Wrestlemania 27 Predictions : Honestly I am looking for Kane’s team to win at Wrestlemania, with the odds being even the numbers game that usually comes into play in the Corre’s matches wont be able to come into play in this one. Also with both Big Show and Kane on there team Big Zeke of the Corre wont be as much of a challenge as he otherwise would be.

Wrestlemania 27 Wiki Fact: You can watch Wrestlemania 27 In 3D|In Theaters in selected locations

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