Wrestlemania 2011 Results

Based on the latest Raw, there is a clearer idea of what will happen at Wrestlemania 2011, so here’s my Wrestlemania 2011 Results Predictions for the key segments. It’s never easy to preview the wrestlemania 2011 results wwe biggest ppv of the year with so much storylines and returns going on.  Raw begins with the Undertaker appearance, he is unimpressed with Triple H and refers to what the Undertaker has done at WrestleMania with Shawn Michaels .

A review video cuts together showing how HBK had been defeated. The Undertaker also goes one better, announcing that the match against Triple H will be No Holds Barred.

WWE Wrestlemania 2011 results prediction – Undertaker to defeat Triple H in a wild brawl of an anything goes match at Wrestlemania 2011. What will happen when the Dead Man takes on The Game? Find out who won wrestlemania 2011 Undertaker vs Triple H match at the Georgia Dome with wrestlemania 2011 results update on April 3rd Sunday 2011.

Backstage, the remaining Nexus, consisting of CM Punk , Mason Ryan and David Otunga  beat up Randy Orton together badly, it ends with Cm Punks GTS against Orton. It’s going to be Orton vs Otunga, the outcome will affect whether Otunga can be at ringside for Cm Punk vs Randy Orton Wrestlemania 27 match.  For later, John Cena’s answer to The Rock and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin is announced. Meanwhile, the Nexus has dragged Randy Orton in the ring. David Otunga calls for a match that Orton against the advice of the referee accepts.

1st. Match
Randy Orton defeated David Otunga via pin after the RKO. After the match, Mason Ryan storm in and get an RKO, Orton destroyed Otunga with a Punt kick before CM punks horrified eyes.
Match Time: 2:00

WWE Wrestlemania 2011 results prediction – Cm Punk to defeat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 2011 with the help of Mason Ryan. Will the Viper take out Nexus at Wrestlemania 27? Find out who won wrestlemania 2011 Punk vs Orton on April 3rd Sunday.

2. Match
Christian defeated Brodus Clay (w / Alberto Del Rio) via pin after a tornado DDT. After the match, Christian attacked Del Rio.
Match Time: 2:45

Wrestlemania 2011 results predictions – Alberto Del Rio to defeat Edge and then have a triple threat rematch with Christian involved. An impressive video shows some of the actions of the next superstar Sin Cara . It is announced that Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch this year will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Find out whether Edge or Alberto Del Rio walked out World Champion,  the results of  who won wrestlemania 2011 will be on April 3rd Sunday, will Del Rio fulfill his proclaimed destiny?  This will be one of the main wrestlemania 2011 results matches to look out for.

3. Match
Eve Torres (c, w / Gail Kim) defeated Nikki Bella (w / Brie Bella) via pin after a Spinning Neckbreaker. During the match, Michael Cole was on the announce table standing around shouting that no one wants to see boring match. Instead, they all wanted to know who the referee in his match against Jerry Lawler will be which he will announce. Also the swap trick had not worked out the Bella, because the referee had seen the exchange so Eve hit the finisher for the win.
Match Time: 3:12

This is one of the unconfirmed wrestlemania 2011 results matches as the Diva title match is still not announced. Eve Torres is likely to defend the Diva Title in a battle royale and retain the Divas title – WWE Wrestlemania 2011 results predictions

Michael Cole is in the ring and has a contract here. Who signs the contract will be the referee in the match against Lawler vs Cole. Cole allows the audience to scream Steve Austin, as the referee. But Cole has fooled the audience: he calls John Bradshaw Layfield out! JBL come down in his Luxuslimo. The two men embrace and smiles happily, it seem Michael Cole has found a way to influence the WWE Wrestlemania 2011 Results by having his own appointed ref. JBL pretends in front of the local Texas crowd to gain public sympathy, but makes clear that the people would be negligible and that he is happier in new york.

Much more important is how impressed JBL is with Michael Cole who will contest the main event of WrestleMania in his first match. Just as he about to sign the contract, the rattling sounds of broken glass! To thunderous cheers of the audience the other Texan Texan Steve Austin is in high spirits in the ring. He riveted to JBL with a Stunner and starts over the next few minutes to about 20 cans of throw beer. Cole creeps back to his desk whining and complaining.

As Austin noted the contract. A horrified Cole must watch as the Austin ask the audiences for a “Hell, yeah!” and Asks if he is to sign the contract. Here’s another twist to the wrestlemania 2011 results wwe match for Cole vs Lawler.  The roar of “Hell, yeah!” from the audience is more than clear. Austin signs the contract and will therefore referee in the match of Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole WrestleMania 27. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be deciding the outcome of the WWE Wrestlemania 2011 Results for Cole vs Lawler. Austin wishes Cole good luck and poured two cans from above onto him. Austin give JBL another Stunner and distributes more cans of beers on JBL and Cole. Austin celebrates with the enthusiastic audience.

WWE Wrestlemania 2011 Results predictions – Jerry Lawler to defeat Michael Cole at Wrestlemanua 27 after Stone Cold stuns Jack Swagger from intervening. Find out who won wrestlemania 2011 on April 3rd Sunday 2011. Wrestlemania 2011 results updates will be live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with 70,000 WWE fans in attendance..



  1. Apollos Ndemuweda says:

    DONT LEAVE UNDERTAKER GO!!!!!!.. Plus, I can’t wait for Wrestlemania 27

  2. DUD SQUAD says:

    i want jeff hardy back in town


  4. M.Adnan Khan says:

    HHH will win his match against The UnderTaker & he will end the streak.

  5. Armaan Rajput says:

    i am waiting for the wrestlemania 27th i love wwe

  6. Armaan Rajput says:

    @M.Adnan Khan – yeah you are right :)

  7. GO HHH, Randy,Edge woohooooo

  8. inshallah Triple H will win and defeat undertaker

  9. Cena will win, Orton will win and Triple h will win.
    I don’t get it, Alex Riley was fired.
    Butt he’s back en the General Manager doesn’t anything. And think Kaval win season 2 of NXT.
    And Alex Riley losed, butt Kaval is gone and Alex Riley is still in the WWE. he don’t has a contract.

  10. raj singh says:

    john cena finish the miz and take his wwe championship

  11. raraghavendra singh says:

    john cena win wwe tittle
    rey misterio win the against cody rodes
    HHH vs deadman the undertaker i will pray that
    HHH has lose this match and undertaker does not win this match
    Ael berto delrio lose his match against edge,and edge do submission
    to aelberto delrio
    randy orton kil the cmpunk with own hand

  12. Sundeep Goel says:

    i am a big fan of wwe and i feel very bad about john cena,

  13. tashah koikai says:

    i do like john cena bt i think the rock is going to win the match.i believe triple H will win undertaker

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