Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match

With the PPV still a year away, WWE officials have been talking about a potential Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match for Metlife Stadium in 2013.
Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match
The match was previously planned for Wrestleman a years ago but was nixed as WWE management wanted to protect John Cena status as the top babyface.

During a edition of Raw in October, Undertaker tombstone John Cena as a way to gauge fan reactions to this potential match up.

John Cena vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29 Match

This would not be their first encounter as they had a match at Vengeance 2003 whcih was won by the Undertaker. When that match took place, John Cena was still an midcarder using the rapper gimmick while Undertaker was the American Badass/Big Evil.

The Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match would certainly be a interesting match up, given that both guys are very popular with the fans. WWE management is know to be looking to have credible veteran challenge for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania in recent years.

Realistically John Cena is the only guy on the current WWE roster who might end the Undertaker streak, given that Cena is the future of the WWE for another 5-10 years if he stays healthy.

Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match
– The Perfect Stage To Have John Cena Turn Heel?

However if the Undertaker streak ends, it will gather massive backlash from the fans who respect the Undertaker and are already booing John Cena. Could this then be the perfect opportunity for a John Cena heel turn by having the Cenation leader cheat his way to victory?

Will this final be the end of the Undertaker streak, will John Cena be the man to finally break the streak of the Undertaker? Plus will this finally be the day John Cena turn heel to make history after years of boos from the WWE Universe?

These could be the questions we will find out the answer come April 2013. Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match will definitely provide great drama and crowd reactions if it happens at the Metlife Stadium.

As several sources report there are three matches for Wrestlemania 2013 currently highly talked about. These matches are Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match, CM Punk vs Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar vs The Rock.

The latter match will be for the WWE Championship. Last Monday Night on RAW The Rock said that after his victory over John Cena, he had a vision that says once again he will become WWE Champion.

With this statement, The Rock lay the foundation for a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 28. Already a few days ago there were rumors of a WWE Championship match between The Rock and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 28.

Speculation about a CM Punk vs Steve Austin Wrestlemania 28 match been fueled by both wrestlers on Twitter where the played up the speculation of such a match. Steve Austin tweeted that when the stars are right, he was willing to give CM Punk a Lesson.

Last Sunday Undertaker was able to expand his legendary streak to 20-0, now it seems John Cena may already be the next opponent. On WWE’s official website, a video was published in which several WWE Superstars talked about this streak, including John Cena who downplay the Undertaker chances of extending the streak to 21-0.

What do you think about the Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 Match if it happens, who will win? Leave your comments and predictions.



  1. john peeler says:

    i would love to see undertaker vs john cena at wrestlemania 29 but undertaker will win and go 21-0 .

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