Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return

One of the ongoing topic among WWE officials in the past week is the Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return. The plan is to have Kane and Undertaker team up to take on a common enemy in the Shield. WWE had planned the seed for the match up by having the Shield destroy the Undertaker on Smackdown in April.

WWE continue building the feud by having Dean Ambrose attempt Undertaker top rope move and his signature taunt, which was played up by the announcers during the match at Payback and this week Raw. Generally, the feeling is that Undertaker may have verbally agreed with top officials to make an exception and wrestle at Summerslam 2013.

Backstage Details on Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return
Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return

This would be the Undertaker first Summerslam match since 2008. In the past several years, the Phenom has only wrestle at Wrestlemania to defend the Streak.

WWE is anxious to have Undertaker appear at Summerslam 2013 because they are hoping to build the PPV event as the Summer version of Wrestlemania, with a strong card to boost the buyrates.


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