Undertaker Short Haircut 2012 Wrestlemania 28

A photo of the new Undertaker Short Haircut 2012 Wrestlemania 28 look has surfaced online but whether it is an legit picture or not is up for debate.

For months, fans have speculated online that the Undertaker Bald haircut look was going to be revealed at Wrestlemania 28. Now it seems that the Undertaker has grown his hair back, albeit to a much shorter length.
Undertaker Short Haircut 2012 Wrestlemania 28
Important Update: Pictures of the Undertaker Wrestlemania 28 haircut has been updated to confirm that the photos leaked online are real. You can see them the new mohawk bald haircut is quite different to Undertaker Biker American Badass look.
New Undertaker Short Hair Mohawk 2012 Wrestlemania 28
The pictures are captured from the Wrestlemania 28 PPV where Undertaker new haircut photos are taken from. Fan reactions to the Undertaker Wrestlemania 2012 look has been very positive, judging by comments on Tribalwrestling.com Facebook page.

Personally I think it’s a really cool new look for the Undertaker and quite a refreshing change. The Undertaker has always change his look over the years, which keep his character fresh and interesting. The Undertaker looks even more intimidating having cut his hair off, coming off as some kind of super villain.
undertaker new short haircut 2012

Here’s the original article, discussing whether the Undertaker short hair 2012 photos are real and was published before the Wrestlemania 28 PPV.

If this picture is real, then Undertaker new short Haircut which he will very likely debut at the Wrestlemania 28 PPV is quite similar to his American Badass Gimmick which was seen in the WWE from 2000 to 2003.

Since 2004, the Undertaker returned to the Dead Man gimmick and sported long hair. We understand from sources close to the Undertaker that the new hairstyle was done because he was tired of dealing with the long hair on a daily basic.

However some fans have commented that the Undertaker receding hairline could also be the reason for Mark Calaway (Undertaker’s real name) ditching his trademark long haircut.

Another photo of the Undertaker short haircut 2012 has surfaced. The picture shows the WWE Wrestler posing with an elderly man and his wife MIchelle McCool.

Fan reactions to the new Undertaker Short Haircut for Wrestlemania 28|2012 are mostly positive and the similarity to the Big Evil/American Badass biker look from 2002 is noted. Some fans have also response that they are glad that the Undertaker bald haircut is no more as they don’t feel comfortable with that look.

However another photo also surface online that showed the Undertaker bald head 2012 picture, and the look is pretty obvious even with the hat that is worn by the Undertaker.
Undertaker Bald head 2012 Picture
Whether this new Undertaker Short Haircut photo turns out to be legit or fake, we will find out the answer at WWE Wrestlemania 28 PPV during Triple H vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell match.

For the past several weeks on Raw, the Undertaker hoodie has covered his head and prevent fans from seeing his new hairstyle ever since the WWE Raw Undertaker haircutting promo aired about a month ago.

If fans need another reason to watch Wreslemania 28 on top of the matches, it would be to finally confirm the mystery of the Undertaker new haircut in 2012 once and for all….that is unless Undertaker finds a way to wrestle inside the cell with his hoodie or hair extensions on.

Speaking of Wrestlemania, there have been talks by WWE Creative and officials about the card for next year PPV in Metlife stadium. Among the Wrestlemania 29 matches being discussed is the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar in 2013 April, with the former UFC/WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging the streak of the Undertaker. How’s that for a worthy challenger to end the Undertaker Wrestlemania streak?

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  1. I would wish for two more performances by Undertaker In the next WrestleMania PPV against Sting and possibly Brock Lesnar at WM30. Then the grand final against the heel John Cena. One match per year, which should – in spite of Undertaker’s age and injuries – be doable.

    Whether the Undertaker has long, short or brightly colored hair, it does not matter. However I think that he should make his final run as the phenom Undertaker, that is the dark, mysterious Undertaker..

    Regarding the Undertaker haircut, this is another rumor. As seen during the vignette on last month’s RAW Super Show, The Undertaker was cutting his hair. This was done because The Undertaker’s hair has not grown back enough. UnderTaker shaved his head bald last year but it was expected that he would be ready to go for WrestleMania 28. After wearing a wig for his return on RAW a few weeks back, it looks like they are turning it into an angle for the Triple H feud.

  2. I think the Undertaker hair will be short, not bald.
    In first picture it looks like he has long hair. Second picture seems legit, the picture with hat doesn’t look like Undertaker as he is too skinny.

  3. It is bald but Undertaker has it like a Mohawk but a bald mohawk. 20-0 at Wrestlemania 28.

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