Undertaker Retiring

The latest backstage news on Undertaker Retiring 2012. The current word about the Undertaker absence and he Undertaker health after Wrestlemania 27 is not positive for fans of the Last Outlaw. It is said unofficially within the WWE, the Undertaker health update is that he is in a far worse physical shape than most people known. Therefore, those behind the scenes say that The Undertaker vs Triple H at WrestleMania 27 could be his last and the Undertaker career is over in principle.

Undertaker 19-0 Wrestlemania Streak

Anoter sign is that Michelle McCool leaving WWE recently, the wife of Mark Calaway (Undertaker’s real name) is putting her in-ring career on hold for the time being for family planning reasons. WWE may well have to address the internal and unofficial statements about the Undertaker retiring from WWE. The fact is, however, that the Undertaker has made ​​it clear that he would like to finalize his career with a 20:0-streak at WrestleMania 28, if the Undertaker health status is manageable.

If the Undertaker retires at Wrestlemania 28, who would his final opponent be? Here are 6 possible opponents that I think will make the Undertaker’s retirement match be worth the hype for the final curtain of the Undertaker career.

Undertaker vs Triple H Wrestlemania 28

Current storyline would seem to indicate a rematch between Triple H and the Undertaker. The rumors are also circulating that Triple H retires 2011 or 2012, as he is already learning the business aspects of the WWE management structure. It is widely known that upon Vince Mcmahon retirement, Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon (real life married couples) will take over the running of WWE.

Undertaker vs Triple H Wrestlemania

Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania 28

Currently the WWE has already announced the Rock vs John Cena Wrestlemania 28, however if for some unforeseen circumstances, the Rock is unable to wrestle at Wrestlemania 28 due to injury, then having the John Cena challenge the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak would be a great main event.

Undertaker vs The Rock Wrestlemania 28

A reverse of the above scenario, if John Cena is unable to participate at Wrestlemania 28 due to injury, then that would leave the Rock without an opponent. The Rock challenging the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak would be a logical storyline, as the Rock has achieve everything possible in the WWE….except being the one to end the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton Wrestlemania 28

This would not be the first time match up, as the Undertaker defeated Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21. Since then, Randy Orton has evolved into a mature and respected WWE superstar, the Viper is considered one of the top tier babyface by the WWE Universe. A rematch of the Viper vs Dead Man would be a very different match and generate much excitement for the event.

Undertaker vs Kane Wrestlemania 28

Undertaker and Kane Rivalry

The longtime rivalry of the two brothers could resurface, with Kane seeking his first ever victory over the Undertaker at Wrestlemania after falling to his brother at Wrestlemania 14 and Wrestlemania 20. With the long established stories of the two, the match would be a fitting conclusion to the career of both men.

Undertaker vs Sting Wrestlemania 28

Undertaker vs Sting

Yes, the dream match that many thought would have been happening at Wrestlemania 27, after the 2-21-11 video was linked to Sting WWE debut. However Sting ultimately resigned for TNA Wrestling and the match did not happen. Again, Sting TNA contract will end at the begining of next year, making Sting vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 2012 a possible scenario, depending on Sting signing for WWE.

Oh and for a bonus #7 choice…..

Undertaker Wife Michelle McCool

Undertaker vs Michelle McCool (Husband vs Wife)

Undertaker retiring with the ultimate battle of the sexes on the grandest stage of them all….Wrestlemania.



  1. Rosalie says:

    The Undertaker made it clear he wanted to put it to an even 20-0,but he also thinks it has gotten “too big” after 18-0,possibly less. There are rumors that he wants to give the chance to break the Streak to a deserving young superstar. Rumors about Wrestlemania 28 are that it’s going to be Triple H again-which is annoying,as it was the same thing with Shawn Michaels. I think he should make it to 20-0,then (if he can) try and make it 20-1,some people are mentioning Sheamus in that direction,and I think it’s a good idea,as he worked hard to get where he is and deserves something major in his career,as Kevin Dunn made him slack and made his character annoying for a few months.

  2. As the huge Sting fan that I am, Undertaker vs. Sting is a dream match for me no matter where it takes place. Now that Undertaker’s career is coming to an unfortunate end I still have hope to see these two one against each other at WM.

    Aside from that, Randy Orton & Kane are also very good options. Rumors say that it will be Triple H again. I like HHH but seriously? That would be a very bad choice. Hope it stays just a rumor.

  3. Immortal says:

    I agree 100%, Sting vs Undertaker is really one of those dream matches that everybody love to see. It may still happen at Wrestlemania 28 if Sting TNA contract runs out (apparently it’s up in early 2012). Yea, I don’t like the idea of Undertaker vs HHH III again, it’s just an overkill. My second pick after Sting would be Randy Orton vs Undertaker.

  4. Undertaker says:

    Undertaker rocks taker is cool well guys triple h is crazy face taker use ur magic and kil him dude u rock!!!

  5. Undertaker is a champ of rare kind the world has ever seen. Even if he decides to lose the streak to a deserved young superstar, we as fans must raise our voice to MAKE IT EVEN –> WE NEED 20-0

    wat ye all say ppl…???

  6. I want to see Sting vs Undertaker in WM 28.

    Second is The Rock.

    If there is a another WM rematch I hope its Kane.


  8. undertakerfan20 says:

    man if the Undertaker retires from WWE, he will be missed so much but i understand about his health i dont like triple h for doing the Undertaker that way, the Undertaker is my all time fav wrestler & if he retires i wont watch wwe no more it wont be worth watchin in my book.

  9. frank nero says:

    Undoubtedly,there’s some thing special about the Demon of the dead valley.the undertaker,he isn’t self obnoxious to compare him to order wretlers.he’s my fighting mentor,i’ll appreciate more if he ends his stunning streak 20-0,to any super star.or whoever at random!!!

  10. You know it makes me Mad when people say “oh give him a worthy oppenant etc” listen he has faced 19 men some of which have been the most competitive in his career,,, What alot of fan are wanting to see is 20-0 come across the big screen,, to me he has nothing to prove and shouldn’t have to go though a lengthy tough battle such as his last 3 wrestlemania’s in particular,,, I think With Micheal Cole yappin his head off about being undefeated and 1-0 etc have taker come and give him a super tombstone 1-2-3 squash 20-0 ,,,, That will also give time for his celebration of 20-0… I am attending Miami live and I will be the fist to tell you I am going to see Undertaker’s 20-0 it is a must!!!!

  11. i would like to see Undertaker face sting or someone who was not in the six named guys that being wade barret they been trying to sell the guy and him and taker have got history with the whole nexus thing plus it would not be one the one hour gruelers he’s been in for the last three years.i loved the the undertaker from the day he came in wih brother love and would like him to walk unhurt.

  12. takervssting says:

    While Sting would be great, Sting might just want to stay the greatest who never worked in the WWE. Have not got a health update in long time on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin ?

    Editor Note: Stone Cold recently mention that he is health enough for a match, but will consider if a possible match if the conditions are right against CM Punk.

  13. Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell

  14. Psychic Soviet Boy says:

    I am a Psychic person it will be Undertaker vs. Sting at WM 2012 the last time to see the undertaker End his 19-0 to 19-1 he will be Gone for good.???????
    i am a real psychic person..!

    – Soviet

  15. Undertaker is the deadman! There will never be any other like him,and if he is to go out he needs to go with a bang and right now the best person to face him is the viper!randy orton,unpredictable dangerous and that RKO springs frm nowhere!that said,if the Deadman retires sorry wwe but I won’t watch wwe again coz for me he is the reason why I watch wwe he is a hero a Legend

  16. hassantaker says:

    well amm i think that undertaker vs diesel
    undertaker vs markhenry
    undertaker vs randy orton
    would be more justice becouse they deserve arematch like kane or triple h or shawn mechaeles and it will be for sure
    undertaker is the best from the best in the best for his strength his length his speed his look everything in him is great so thank you undertaker, you will be my bestin all time

  17. Creature of the night says:

    Plus I wanna see undertaker vs mankind hell in a cell wrestlemania as much as they hated each other why didn’t they have a wrestlemania match? I wanna see takers last match as a coffin match but The Deadman will have 20-0 streak I’m sure of it if Undertaker lose at Wrestlemania, i will never watch wwe again raise awareness fellow creatures UNDERTAKER 20-0.

  18. undertaker fan says:

    After 20-0 in wm i would really like to see a huge retirement ceremony for the deadman while all current and past superstars attending

  19. jefffoley says:

    there really is not words to describe what undertaker retiring will mean to the wwe universe, the deadman has faced the best, from jake the” snake” roberts to kane , hhh, king kong bundy, and so on, no wwe superstar will never accomplish what the undertaker has in 2 decades, wrestling has lost alot of it’s popularity because the deadman is seen less on smackdown or raw, knowing he’s facing health issues the deadman had the fortitude to face hhh at wm 28 and what a match it was , seeing taker with his head shaved was cool , there is a reason why he shaved his head we’ll never know, now that john lauriniatis has taken over wrestling sucks, there’s not that wow factor anymore.

    To me wrestling is past tense the real superstars are retired or no longer with us , undertaker can be seen for a short time on smackdown, just to hear him talk is better than watching the so called wrestlers wwe has in it’s roster all i can say is r.i.p. to the real superstars of wwe you will be missed , and if and when undertaker retires, thank you for 2 awesome decades you will always be the best, god bless taker.

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