Undertaker Bald

Apparently there’s been an picture of Undertaker Bald look surfacing around the internet. There’s been alot of discussion among fans about whether it is a real or fake photo.

You can see the Undertaker Bald Pictures below. There have been several theories and discussions from fans in reaction to the pictures which are detailed below.

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Update: For the latest development on this story, also read the Undertaker Short Haircut 2012 Wrestlemania 28 article with the latest Undertaker bald 2012 pics. There’s possible evidence of the Undertaker hair growing back to a short haircut.

Here’s the alleged picture of Undertaker Bald Head

And here’s the summary of the 5 main reactions to the Undertaker new bald haircut picture from fans all over the internet.

1) Undertaker Bald Photos are Fake

Some believe the photo is a work of editing, and the Undertaker has been photoshopped into the frame. Notable is the strange red reflection on the women on the left.

There’s another photo which is rumored to have been taken recently, showing the Undertaker in real life, enjoying the outdoor. Of course it is possible that the Undertaker then had his head shaved, after the photo was taken.

Here’s an picture of the undertaker bald wwe magazine cover from 2012, with the question of “will the streak survive?”

2) American Badass Undertaker Return 2011

For those who believe in the photo, a popular theory seem to be that the Undertaker return to WWE will be under the American Badass/Big Evil gimmick. Previously The Undertaker Return at Judgment Day 2000 under the American Badass Character after a hiatus of over 8 months which continue till 2004.

Ever since the Triple H vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 27 match, the Dead Man has not been seen on WWE TV or PPV events. In fact, aside from the Triple H promo the next night, nobody has spoken about the Undertaker on WWE programming. There’s also been no storylines explaining the Undertaker absence, leaving fans wondering has the Undertaker retired?

3) Undertaker Retired

Another theory on Undertaker shaved head is that the Undertaker retirement plans have been confirmed and he won’t be returning to the WWE. Therefore Undertaker is ditching the traditional long haircut, as he won’t be appearing on TV anymore.

This theory is possible, as the Undertaker injury update after Wrestlemania 27 indicate that he has a serious injury that he is considered “unofficially retired” by those in WWE management.

Also, as reported before, the Undertaker has already been working in a backstage role in some capacity, helping Triple H to scout development talents. Some will argue that The Undertaker Retiring in 2012 maybe possible, but it won’t be under such a drastic gimmick change.

4) Undertaker Health Status

Another theory for Undertaker No Hair makeover is regarding the Undertaker health status after Wrestlemania 27. It was rumored that his real life wife Michelle McCool leaves the WWE in May to take care of the Undertaker.

Therefore some fans have linked that to the theory that the Undertaker is recovering from some health related issues. Numerous fans comment on how the Undertaker no hair look (the Undertaker’s age is 46) makes him look that much older because of his new haircut.

5) Undertaker WWE Movie

There’s been talks of the company producing a series of Undertaker WWE Films in the near future, therefore could the Undertaker Bald Look Haircut be in preparation for an upcoming movie role?

Of course the above theories are just that. Until the Undertaker or WWE officially confirmed otherwise, this photo of the Undertaker bald look should be considered a work of photo editing.

As it is, the Undertaker is known to be a very private person, so the mystery of the Undertaker after Wrestlemania 27 absence and eventual return to WWE will seemingly continue for awhile.

That’s the list of theories about the Undertaker Bald haircut picture, feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments below.



  1. his head looks like some shaved monkey nuts!!!!!

  2. Hey sometimes when a guy goes bald they shave it or don’t care it’s whatever they want to look like just like when women are pregnant and they have long hair they ten 2 cut there hair short so life is what it is and if a people wants to get mad at a person for who they are deal with it lol.

  3. All i have to say is He will get inducted in the Hall of Fame.

  4. i like your analysis in that particular situation.

  5. Well looking at the last picture.. This picture alone is old.. How you can tell is the Sara Tattoo on his neck.. Ive been watching him over the past few years and I have noticed it has been slowly fading away.. at first I thought I was losing my mind because for me growing up he has always had that Tat.. but now it is completely gone.. But in that picture however it is there plain as day.. Not even a sign of fading.. The last time I saw his tat that was that clear in writing was back in 2005 quite a bit before the guerrero tragedy.. The second picture of him with the woman just looks like he had combed his hair back, because he was in water judging by the suits that they both were wearing.. The top pic quite honestly in my opinion doesnt even look like the Deadman.. Looks like a totally different person really.. He looks too thin to be the Undertaker.. But thats just my opinion..

  6. I think the pic was taken in 03 or 04 cause it of the Sara tatoo but thats my opinion. Take into account that these Undertaker bald pics are unofficial

  7. WOW…people dont pay attention….the last picture IS old guys…lol That is when he did the Badass Gimmick. The NEW pictures of The Undertaker BALD are the first two pictures. Pay attention of you are going to comment……lol

  8. I think Undertaker needs to have alot of time off after wrestlemania 27, He needs to rest up and have time with his wife and children.

  9. Hair or no hair undertaker has always been my favorite since day 1. I just hope it is a gimmick and not a health related issue as rumored.

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