Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Feud 2011

It is being reported now that current TNA Star Hulk Hogan has threaten former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior with a lawsuit for alleged defamation thus continue what has been an rather incredible Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Feud 2011 that started building on Twitter and could now escalated to the legal departments.

In recent days, the Ultimate Warrior caused a stir within the online community as he promise to publish Ultimate Warrior shoot videos on Hulk Hogan. The Warrior, for example, said that Hulk Hogan would take drugs to him. He also said that Hulk Hogan had an open marriage with his ex-wife Linda, who also had affairs with Hulk Hogan’s former colleagues with Hogan being fully aware about it.

Hulk Hogan Twitter updates denied these statements made by the Ultimate Warrior and immediately adds that the Ultimate Warrior had lost his mind. Hulk Hogan even try to ignore the Warrior, but now wants to file a lawsuit for defamation, so the Ultimate Warrior can not put even more rumors in the world.

What happens next in this case is not yet known, but Tribalwrestling will keeps you up to date on the Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Feud 2011.

Update: The former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior announced for the near future, the publication of a 57 minute Ultimate Warrior shoot Video on Hulk Hogan in which he will reveal personal details about Hulk Hogan. You can see the preview video clip below.

The Hulkster had revealed in a recent interview many intimate details about the private problems of the late Macho Man Randy Savage during their joint WWF / WCW-time, including talking about the paranoid ‘protector’ relationship with ex-wife, Miss Elizabeth while also repeatedly taunting the Warrior. The Hulk Hogan interview was recorded shortly before the death of Macho Man.

Shortly after Macho Man death, the Ultimate Warrior stated that Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the few wrestlers in the business that he respected and genuinely liked. So The Ultimate Warrior was now evidently compelled to give a response to Hogan’s statements about the time during the late 1980s and early 1990’s in the WWF locker room.

Yesterday, the production company for the Ultimate Warrior shoot interviews released a seven-minute highlight clip as a preview video.┬áIn this preview clip, Hulk Hogan was insulted viciously by the Ultimate Warrior (former real name Jim Hellwig) who call Hulk Hogan a drug addict who behaved backstage like a drug lord that pulls the wrestlers to become his little “junkies” to control them politically.

Warrior went on to state that Hogan and his then wife Linda were also instrumental in ensuring that the marriage of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth end in divorce because they had exercised an evil influence on Liz, while Randy was on the road with the WWE (then WWF) working the house show program against the Warrior and could never be home.

They had Elizabeth systematically psychologically pressured to go out more and to emancipate themselves from Randy Savage. The Warrior also claims that the Hogans were in an “open marriage”. Thus, the Hulkster had offered him once during their time together in the WWE locker room his wife Linda for an affair.

The massive allegations have now been taken up by the mainstream American media who are reporting on the online feud between the two former WWE Legends

Hulk Hogan on his Twitter account has now taken a position on the attacks by Warrior: “I have no interest to even lower myself to communicate with [Warrior].”


The Warrior commented on the media hype about his video blog today with the announcement that the previous statements were only the low-lights, the complete video 57 minute Ultimate Warrior Shoot Interview on Hulk Hogan would offer even more:

They say, “Most people on the internet only have so much attention span I say (after I laugh),” You worry about ‘most people’ if you want, but I’m ONLY going to focus on my warriors and feeding them the truth, no matter how long it takes. I know them. They have patience and know how
to give attention. They chew on good meat until they get all the juice out of it. ”

Typically producers release a “highlights” reel, basically giving all the best stuff up front to entice you to buy a ticket. I have not done that. First, there will be no ticket you have to buy. This video is my gift to you, and the beginning of something big together. Second, take my word for it. These are hard-hitting “lowlights” compared to the ball-busting “highlights” within the full video.

Headline Summary – Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Feud 2011


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