TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review

This week the release of the TNA mobile game “TNA IMPACT!” for mobile phones and tablet PCs, let’s see with the TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review whether this App is worth the download

The TNA Wrestling Mobile Game is available since 19.05.2011 for various smart phones and tablets. Currently the TNA Mobile Game Download is available in the iTunes AppStore. the game was tested on an iPod touch, 4G iOS under 4.3.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review – Game Modes

The newest TNA Mobile Game offers two modes of play – the career mode and exhibition mode. In career mode, the player can decide whether to play as a heavyweight, compete in the X-Division or as a tag team.

In an exhibition match, you can choose single player as well as multi player mode via Wi-Fi or Game Cente. There are also various options for location and Match types available.

In both modes you have 20 well known wrestlers from the TNA roster to choose from. In addition the possibility exists to create a professional wrestler in Career mode. The Create a Wrestler editor is clear and easy to use, with various options for the design. The creation of an individual wrestler is a very nice feature that was executed well .

For those seeking TNA Mobile Game help, the developers have included a help function where the fundamental concepts of operation and contents are explained in detail.

In addition, there are various Achievements to achieve and there are some unlockable content required for certain TNA stars, which mostly can be acquired by downloading from other tna wrestling mobile game free download apps.

The player will get a very long game that guarantees many hours of gameplay. A clear 4/5 for the game modes.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review – Control

The control is explained at the beginning in a short-tutorial which can be divided basically in two areas: the movement control and action buttons.

Initially to learn all the motion control will pose some problems for users, as the virtual joystick is kept rather small and thus sensitivity is required for smooth control. After a short familiarization phase, it will still feel slightly out of hand for changes in direction. These slight inaccuracies will cause beginners to make unpleasant acquaintance with the turnbuckle.

All other actions are performed on a button, and there are buttons for attack, grappling, running, and the special button.

Easy control with only a small blemish. Hence the rating of 4/5 for the control.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review- Gameplay

In the end, this TNA Mobile Game is a classic smash up game which relies on power and charging the enemy to build his finisher, so the gameplay is somewhat diminished. While the game offers some possibilities to perform various moves, there’s not much tactics involved. The gameplay is perhaps the only real weaknesses of the game, which is often anything but “Total Nonstop Action”.

Once a wrestler is a bit weak. the moves are perform very slowly, which often takes the speed out of the match completely. Another problem is that the career mode is rather short. There is also an annoying glitch where the opponents in the easy mode does not get back into the ring after being thrown out of the ring.

But the fun with other elements such as the different match types, is a significant improvement. Particular emphasis is given to the multiplayer mode, where you meet via the game center many self-created wrestlers from all over the world.

Less action, but different in many ways. The gameplay rating is 3 / 5.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review – Graphics and Sound

Clearly a strength of the TNA Mobile Game. From the beginning the presentation of the game boasts realistic graphics and great sound. Each wrestler has his original entrance theme, and the movements of the wrestlers are very characteristic and appear fluid. Each wrestler movements during the games look very realistic, so it also fun to watch. Similarly, the noise is implemented well during the game. Only thing lacking is commentary or voiceover during the backstage segments.

Small point deduction for the lack of commentary, otherwise very solid representation: 4/5 rating for Graphic and Sound.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review Conclusion

The new TNA Mobile Game is a entertaining game that will give all TNA fans a lot of fun. For a wrestling mobile video game, it is certainly one that deliver for this genre. The extensive content and the presentation is very attractive for both beginners and advanced gamers.

TNA Wrestling Mobile Game Review Overall rating: 4 / 5


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