The Rock vs John Cena

So it is officially confirmed, the Rock will be on the RAW, the night after WrestleMania 27, perhaps the final night of The Rock Returning To WWE for 2011. This gives me further belief The Rock will be somehow be involved in the JohnCena-Miz match. Unlike a lot of people in the forum that believe the Rock will screw over John Cena leading to The Rock vs John Cena , I have said, and still stand by it, that it is more likely that John Cena will be outnumbered somehow, and the Rock will come and even the sides, helping out Cena.

Yes, speculation of John Cena vs The Rock match in the near future is building as they are in a huge slagging match at the moment on Raw, but I can’t see WWE letting one get the win over the other. Let’s compare the standing of The Rock vs John Cena

The Rock – A huge WWE Attitude era icon, and possibly the most favoured wrestler of all time?
John Cena – Not many Attitude era fans’ cup of tea, granted, but he is the number 1 name in the WWE currently, he is the kids’ answer to our Rocky (can’t deny that, like him or loathe him).

So I really can’t see WWE practically burying either of these superstars by having John Cena vs The Rock match. I can see, however, the Rock coming out to help John Cena, and then making friends with Cena after the Wrestlemania 27 match and raise his hand (if he wins of course). For WWE to run with this angle would add an twist to The Rock WWE Return, but they would need John Cena to be getting a beatdown by of course the Miz, and someone else…? (Enter suggestion here.)

Obviously, some storylines will continue to run after WrestleMania 27, but sometimes there are also a few new storylines created on that night, or the following Monday night RAW after Wrestlemania. At this current time, I can’t think of who a possible interferer would be. It won’t be someone who is returning, WWE wouldn’t have them returning only to look poor on their return by getting beatdown (unless it was A-Rye?).

The Rock Returns To WWE As The WWE Wrestlemania 27 Guest Host

Maybe, this won’t be the case, but it is just a gut feeling I am getting. I can’t say I would be upset if this did happen, yeah I am an WWE Attitude era fan, and love The Rock WWE Return, but on the other hand, having him get one over on Cena would bury the WWE’s top name, and Vince Mcmahon would never allow that, for understandable reasons. If they had John Cena get one over on the Rock, it would royally p*ss off every Attitude era fan, alive or dead, and looking at recent events, with all the Attitude era stars appearing, It doesn’t look like Vince would do that either.

So, in conclusion, I firmly believe that the current John Cena vs The Rock feud will end on good terms, and quite possibly, we could see them in a tag match on RAW, pitting them against the Miz, and the interferer. On top of that, having Cena and the Rock win, then subsequently have John Cena raise the Rocks arm after the match, with the Rock saying his goodbyes to the WWE universe and heading back to Hollywood movies. After that, who know when’s The Rock Returning To WWE? Maybe I am getting carried away a little, but hey, I think I make a valid point about the possbility of The Rock vs John Cena ;)

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