Ring Ka King

The Indianized version of TNA Wrestling (Total non stop action) which is originally based in Orlando, Florida gave India fans pro wrestling in their own backyard. Wrestling is considered the second most popular sports in India, only after cricket.

    Ring Ka King

is basically a reality show, first of its kind in India, filled with high emotions of audience and will super thrill them thoroughly with its action.

The name ‘Ring ka king-wrestling ka mahayudh’ is thought to be selected by Endemol, the promotions patron and Colors, the TV station broadcaster. This wrestling program is sponsored by Tata Primus and the production is headed by Endemol India. As a marketing strategy there were also plans to shift the shows to arenas from the studios.

The TV channel network Colors had decided to air it on Saturdays and Sundays. Each Ring Ka King episode will be of 45 minutes and with commercials it will run for 1 hour. It consists of 30 wrestlers including male and female wrestlers who are of both Indian and International background. The shoot is taking place in the Balewadi Sports Complex at Pune, India and the filming started from Dec 2011 and TV screened from Jan 28, 2012. As on date this show has seen 16 episodes. Harbhajan Singh is the Goodwill ambassador of the Ring Ka King show.

Ring Ka King
The show has been cleverly planned to end its screening before the IPL league,keeping in mind the craze of the Indian public for Cricket. In the first 4 weeks, matches were held between all the Ring Ka King wrestlers to fight for the ‘Championship titles’ namely ‘The Heavyweight Championship’ and ‘The Tag Team Championship’. In the following matches, the wrestlers will defend the title from the contenders who will throw open challenges to them. In total the matches will be continued for 13 weeks and can be continued by analyzing the TRP’s and the response from the audience.

Ring Ka King ROSTERS

Promotions are created by Jeff Jarrett backed by Dutch Mantell. The trainers in charge of refining Indian wrestlers at Ohio Valley Wrestling are Jeremy Borash, Dave Logana, Nick Dinsmore, Savio Vega and Sonjay Dutt. The team consists of management employees supported by executive officers comprising of producers and other high officials. They provide the daily demands of the team.

The announcers, play by play commentators, script writers and creative writers, referees and players and road agents provide the storylines and everything required for the screening. The Colors network commentator will be Siddharth Kannan, popularly known as Sid.K in the DJ world of India. He will be hosting the event by “connecting with the masses”. Joe Baath who has been announcing the Hindi version of wrestling in India for past 5 years is the other announcer.

Many wrestlers from WWE have been seen here in TNA. The list of male wrestlers’ names is as follows:
Aaghori Saaya
American Adonis (aka Chris Masters)
Arya Daivari
B Maxx
Broadway (aka James Maritato aka Nunzio)
Chavo Guerrero
Chhotu aur Zoravar (they are in a tag team)
Cliff Compton (aka Domino from the WWE’s Deuce ‘n Domino)
Doctor Nicholas Dinsmore aka WWE’s Eugene
Gurv Sihra
Harry Smith
Harv Sihra
Hollywood (aka Joey Ryan)
Jimmy Rave
Luke Gallows (aka Festus)
Mahabali Veera
Matt Morgan
Romeo Rapta
Roscoe Jackson (aka Trevor Murdoch)
Scott Steiner
Shawn Daivari
Sir Brutus Magnus (aka Nick Aldis)
Sonjay Dutt
Zema Ion

So far only few female wrestlers have been introduced and their names are :
Mickie James
Raisha Saeed (aka Alissa Flash, aka Cheerleader Melissa)
Angelina Love
Melissa Anderson

TV Ratings

The Indian fans are not new to the concept of wrestling as they do have their own indigenous form of wrestling in their hometown. So its not surprising that The TNA Ring ka King has got a warm welcome from the Indian crowd and the ratings are high as expected. The first taping saw people in excess than the 1500 seats that the Balewadi Sports Complex can fill and thousands were sent back. This outcome was totally without any promotions. But the much expected results are that of the women wrestling because one cannot forget the still-much-too-conserved Indian society towards women sports. But the fans are expected to be “burned down” by these women wrestlers.

TNA Ring Ka King heavyweight championship

The first heavyweight champion is Matt Morgan and he could defend his title for only one day because the current heavyweight champion is Sir Brutus Morgan. The funny part is the American-Indian promotion has got a British as its champion. The first tag team champions are Harry Smith and Chavo Guerrero. And now the title is shared by Brutus Magnus with Samoa Joe. The top wrestlers trying to control the TNA in India are Scott Steiner, Sonjay Dutt, Jarrett, Abyss and of course Sir Brutus Magnus. Only three women namely Angelina Love, Melissa Anderson and Mickie James have been seen so far in the event.

The quarter final matches were held between Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore vs Mahabali Veera, Scott Steiner vs Maxx B, Matt Morgan vs Sir Brutus Morgan and Chavo Guerrero vs Sonjay Dutt. The winners of these matches were Dinsmore, Scott Steiner, Morgan and Sonjay Dutt respectively.

The semi finals were between Mahabali Veera vs Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan vs Sonjay dutt and the winners were Steiner and Morgan respectively.

The final match for the title was between Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan and Matt Morgan was the winner becoming the first owner of the title.

Ring Ka King 1st episode review

The complex was filled with excited crowds waving and shouting. Mika, an Indian singer started the show with “Dhinka Chika,” a Bollywood song followed by “subah hona na de,” another number from Bollywood. The crowd shouted and grooved when he sang and danced with the dancers. The Hindi translator, Koobra Seth thanked Mika and introduced the two commentators Joe Baath and Siddharth Kannan. She gave the details about the championship titles and introduced Harbhajan Singh, an Indian cricketer as the show’s ‘goodwill ambassador’ and Mika invited him with one more Bollywood number “Singh is King” and went backstage.

Harbhajan Singh expressed his happiness and introduced the wrestlers. First came ‘yet another member from the Guerrero family’, Chavo guerrero, next an Indian wrestler Maxx B. Brutus Magnus was introduced third followed by Dr Nick Dinsmore or Eugene. Next were Sonjay dutt, Mahabali veera and Scott Steiner. The crowd popping got louder when Scott Steiner came. Matt Morgan came at last. Each and every player gave a backstage promo and said that he would be the world champion. Then Harbhajan introduced the commissioner of TNA Jazzy Lahoria with his bodyguard the Deadly Danda. The championship belt was shown and Harbhajan wished luck to all the wrestlers and left the stage. The first segment ended quite well.

Jeremy Borash introduced Matt Morgan which was interrupted by Magnus. Scott Steiner and Sonjay Dutt said that the promotions would be taken over by them. The wrestlers started to push each other and the situation was controlled by Deadly Danda. The first match began. The attackers were Dr Nick Dinsmore and Mahabali Veera. They started with shoulder lock by Eugene and Veera breaking it up. Dinsmore pulled Veera by his hair. Veera tried to lock again Dinsmore rolled out and after Veera messing up twice, he finally Veera won the first match.

Backstage Magnus said he would destroy Matt Morgan and Steiner agreed to him. On the stage Shera introduced American Adonis as his mentor and Adonis challenged the public that no one can break his Adonis lock. He called a fan and proved the fact by locking around the poor guy whose discomfort showed in his face. Harbhajan congratulated Veera.

Next match was Matt Morgan versus Brutus Magnus. Morgan dominated from the start, Magnus ran off the stage, Morgan chased him, brought him back, there were shoulder blocks, abdominal stretch, ‘Ric Flair spot”, chokeslam and finally the carbon footprint brought victory to Matt Morgan.

Ring Ka King 2nd episode review

Similar to the first day there was an active crowd who wished to play the parts of the wrestlers and were seen interacting with the wrestlers often. At this point Steiner pushed at the crowd and the Indian audiences gestured him back. There was a violent riot breaking up which was controlled again. Abyss was introduced as a black shadow creature. The match was between Scott Steiner and Maxx B. Both the wrestlers started the assault against each other. Audiences were seen to be quite caught up with the fight and with few basic moves and technical aspects Scott Steiner became the winner of the show.

The tickets are sold in retail outlets recognized by Colors on Thursdays and Fridays and also sold locally by authorized sellers. The first episode of Ring Ka King is also available in Youtube. There is a pay per view option as well.


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