Ric Flair Highspots Lawsuit

The latest news on the Ric Flair Highspots Lawsuit is that Ric Flair still has not repaid the outstanding money owned to Highspots. Ric Flair Highspots Shoot interview video was reported to be one of the top selling DVD on the market. As part of the deal, Highspots had paid Ric Flair money for a number of appearances in advance. However these appearance were never completed. However, Ric Flair has not repaid them the money.

As security deposit for the advance of money, Ric Flair NWA Title belt (original NWA World Championship Belt) was given to Highspots. As the recovery failed to materialize, HighSpots tried to auction the NWA Championship, where they found out that already there was another creditor claiming rights to the Championship.

The sum of the debt for the Ric Flair Highspots Lawsuit, is reported to be at $ 66,000 because Highspots had paid Ric Flair for on seperate occasions of $ 31,000 and $ 35,000 respectively. Since then the court has determined that Ric Flair must pay back the money that he has not repay yet, the court has now threatens to freeze his TNA Wrestling salary.

In recent years, Ric Flair financial problems has become increasingly visible after his retirement from the WWE. One main reason is that Ric Flair alimony amount to around $20000 a month for EACH of his three ex wives. Some wrestlers have also been critical of Ric Flair’s partying lifestyle, indicating that the Nature Boy enjoy spending beyond his financial means.

In early 2011, the Ric Flair Incident In Ireland made headlines on the TNA Maximum Impact tour. The reports circulating was that Ric Flair had demanded advance money from TNA management and then refuse to get on the tour bus when this was rejected by TNA Tour manager Craig Jenkins. Subsequently, the decision was made to leave Ric Flair behind and some TNA wrestlers were said to be mocking Flair promo lines with his financial problems.

Currently, the feeling in the TNA locker room is that most feel sorry over Ric Flair financial problems and overall view the Nature Boy’s presence as a fun loving and experience veteran to the roster. This is despite several incident where Ric Flair had his credit cards rejected and end up asking his fellow wrestlers to pay the tabs for the drinks that he had proclaimed was “on the house”.

The irony is that Ric Flair opened a company known as Ric Flair Finance in 2007, however Rc Flair Finance closed in 2008 after filing for bankruptcy.

Summary – The latest on Ric Flair Highspots Lawsuit, the Nature Boy owns $66,000 to Highspots.


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