John Cena vs Ryback

Who really is better? Here’s a comparison of John Cena vs Ryback (picture) , two of WWE biggest stars.
john cena vs ryback


John Cena – with rugged good looks and flashy outfits, the Cenation leader is able to capture the support of kids and women, but his cheesy gimmick means adult males are mostly booing him.

Ryback – With his 6ft3 muscular frame, getting attention is not a hard task for WWE newest monster.

Winner: Draw

John Cena vs Ryback Mic Skill

John Cena – prove that he can hang with the best talkers in wrestling history, such as the Rock and Triple H during their feuds. While he can be funny or lame when doing comedy, Cena is able to do serious promos when needed.

Ryback – has a ultra serious gimmick where he does little emotions, so it’s not easy to judge his verbal ability. As Skip Sheffield, the real life Ryan Reeves display natural mic skill during NXT.

Winner: John Cena (by proven experience)

John Cena vs Ryback Popularity:

John Cena – may still be the no 1 merchandise seller, but his character is incredibly stale from years of main event exposure and cheesy gimmicks.

Ryback – is fresh and more credible, the total opposite of his rival. The Feed Me More chants are getting over. Most adult male fans seem to be in favor of the new Goldberg.

Winner: Draw (depending on Demographic)


John Cena – has done it all, winning WWE Titles and main event of PPVs. If John Cena retires now, it would be a Hall of Fame career. What’s left for him to achieve ?

Ryback – has came back from mutiple injuries and years of working in the developmental league. He looks to have a chip on his shoulder and eager to be the top star.

Winner: Ryback

John Cena vs Ryback (Wrestling Ability)

John Cena – Has proven himself in great matches against CM Punk, Shawn Michaels etc. Not a great worker who can carry others but can work great with the right opponents.

Ryback – A greenhorn in term of long matches, question marks have been raised about his ability to use the ShellShock finisher on heavy opponents.

Winner: John Cena


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