CM Punk Staying WWE?

CM Punk Staying WWE

A backstage WWE source has updated us on the possibility of CM Punk Staying WWE, currently as of this past Sunday CM Punk is yet to sign the WWE contract extension.

According to the WWE source, CM Punk WWE future is now in the balance as he’s more open to the option of resigning the WWE Contract than before.

“Punk want to be pushed to the same level as the top stars, such as John Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker. He;s very unhappy that he’s behind the likes of the Miz and Alberto Del Rio in the pecking order. ”

CM Punk Staying WWE Only If He Get Pushed Seriously

As late as June, CM Punk had definitely made up his mind to leave the WWE at least for a while. The WWE source reports that the main reason for CM Punk Leaving WWE would be his standing in the WWE.

CM Punk Resigning WWE Contract Based on One Major Factor

The WWE source continue that CM Punk signing WWE contract would be based on the WWE’s financial commitment to CM Punk. Simply put, Punk wants the high salary to ensure that the WWE will be serious about using him as the big time main event player. This will be the deciding factor for CM Punk Staying WWE or leaving.

“Punk’s logic is very simple. If WWE pays him something close to what somebody like John Cena is getting, the company must have no other alternative plans than to push him seriously to get back that investment. CM Punk wants to know how seriously the WWE will invest in him. That’s the ultimate factor to determine whether CM Punk stays WWE”.

Possibility That CM Punk Sign WWE Contract Soon

Regarding the contract talks, the source explained that CM Punk has the upper hand in negotiations so far. The source adds that “The WWE want CM Punk signing the WWE Contract, so the company has come back with higher salary options everytime that they offered a new contract to him. As of this moment, Punk is not signing anything yet. ”

Regarding the chances of CM Punk Staying WWE, the source adds “The deal is being worked out, WWE has a degree of confidence that eventually CM Punk signs the WWE contract offer, although it could be an very late re-signing, but WWE management firmly believe in CM Punk staying WWE and resigning the contract,”

CM Punk Staying WWE To Prevent Him Joining TNA Or ROH

“The company realize that they have mishandled CM Punk in the past, which is why they are very accommodating to CM Punk WWE contract signing. The company does not wish to deal with the scenario of CM Punk leaving WWE and joining TNA or ROH. Even Vince Mcmahon believes that CM Punk is too much of an asset to lose to the competitors, especially with the depleted state of the current roster.”

Meanwhile, to prepare for the worse case scenario if/when CM Punk Leaves WWE, the company recently trademarked the name “CM Punk” for the purpose of merchandising on 22 June 2011. This means WWE will still be allow to sell merchandise with “CM Punk” on them even after CM Punk leaves WWE. Meanwhile already in 2009, the name “CM Punk” was trademark by WWE for the legal usage in wrestling.

It will be very interesting to observe whether the WWE will allow the name CM Punk to be used in other wrestling promotions if Phil Brooks (CM Punk Real Name) decide to leave the company. It was also announced that the WWE has trademarked “The Last Outlaw” for wrestling purposes, in relations to The Undertaker.

– On YouTube a video was released, featuring CM Punk caught on camera making homophobic comments at the RAW house show in Adelaide, Australia. This video footage show CM Punk trading insults with a fan and labeling him a “homo”. The story was then reported by TMZ, causing WWE and CM Punk to comment on the incident.

You can see the videp here (warning: not PG Language)

WWE released the following statement in response

“WWE does not condone this type of language or bias and we reinforce that with our talent who are independent contractors.”

CM Punk Twitter update reference an apology for the homophobic comments

“I’m glad TMZ posted that video because everybody needs to be held accountable for their bullshit, me included. What I said was bullshit. I offer a sincere apology to anybody I hurt with careless words.

Effects on CM Punk Signing WWE Contract

Due to WWE PG policy and anti bullying PR campaign, the company is hoping that the situation will be dealt with smoothly. According to sources in WWE,  the incident has already been dealt with internally by Johnny Ace and Vince Mcmahon. ”

The saga is unlikely to have any serious bearing on CM Punk staying WWE or leaving the company. “It will have little effect on whether CM Punk sign the WWE Contract, at least on his part.” our source confirmed.

Meanwhile WWE has restore CM Punk profile on the WWE Official Website, after Vince Mcmahon announced the removing of CM Punk suspended status on last night 4th July edition of Monday Night Raw.

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Headline Summary – CM Punk Staying WWE: The latest update on the future of the Straight Edge Superstar. Is CM Punk Staying WWE and new details of his contract talks with WWE.


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