CM Punk Leaving WWE?

CM Punk Leaving WWE

According to backstage WWE sources, CM Punk Leaving WWE could happen in 2011. For the past two years, WWE has seen many departures of key superstars of the company for various reasons. The latest to date, World Heavyweight Champion Edge end his career abruptly due to a neck injury.

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During the last WWE European tour which ended at the weekend, another superstar in the WWE locker room has spoken openly about leaving. It was one of the most discussed topic this week in the WWE locker room among the talents and officials. The person in question is said to be former WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.

Is Cm Punk Leaving WWE ?

It is said that the option of CM Punk Leaving WWE is highly possible as Cm Punk WWE contract will expire later this year and he has not yet agreed to a contract extension.

Those close to the Straight Edge Superstars reveal that one key reason if CM Punk Leaves WWE is due to being burned out after five years of constant traveling for the WWE. Punk has already turned down a multi year contract extension offer from WWE.

Is CM Punk Leaving WWE Because of The Miz & Alberto Del Rio?

Another reasons for CM Punk not committing his future unhappiness with his spot on the roster. Punk believe the company apparently does not view him as one of the top tier Superstar in the ranks of John Cena, Randy Orton The M5iz or even Alberto Del Rio.

The idea of Cm Punk vs John Cena as the WWE Title Match for Wrestlemania 27 was pitched at one point, however the company eventually went with the The Miz as Vince Mcmahon is said to be very high on the current WWE Champion.

In a subtle move to make life on the road better for the Straight Edge Leader, the WWE has drafted Cm Punk’s girlfriend onto the Raw Roster during the WWE Supplemental Draft 2011. CM Punk and Beth Phoenix have been dating since last year and are apparently in a serious relationship.

The WWE have been more accommodating in recent times about keeping couples on the same brand. Noteable real life couples are John Morrison and Melina on Raw and The Undertaker with his wife Michelle McCool on Smackdown.

Cm Punk WWE debut happened in 2006 in what was then the revived ECW brand. There he was able to secure the ECW Championship a year later after a feud with John Morrison.

The main event breakthrough came later for CM Punk at WM 24 when he won Money in the Bank Match, and later the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge in the same year. Cm Punk was later switched to Friday Night SmackDown, where his feuds with Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio were highly praised by fans.

CM Punk WWE Contract May Not Be Signed

Cm Punk suffered a hip injury in 2010 and there was rumors of Cm Punk retiring as he became one of the commentator on the Raw brand. Eventually CM Punk join Nexus and became their leader. At this time, the Straight Edge superstar is involved in a feud with Randy Orton, which at the upcoming Extreme Rules 2011 PPV may well come to an end.

The backstage WWE sources also reveal that the character of CM Punk is currently being depushed due to the possibility of CM Punk Leaving WWE and the WWE are looking at the long term plans for the leader of “The New Nexus” before committing to any serious push.

This could explain the current situation in which Randy Orton has dominated in the feud against Cm Punk/New Nexus.

If the rumors of Cm Punk Leaving WWE come to fruition, going by past cases, there is the possibility of Cm Punk joining TNA Wrestling.

Numerous former WWE talents have joined the Nashville promotion with the lighter work schedule as one of the key factor. Before signing with the WWE, CM Punk was part of “The Gathering” faction led by Raven in TNA Wrestling.

However those close to CM Punk indicate that he’s not keen on the idea of joining TNA Wrestling, due to his lack of faith in the booking ability of the current TNA Creative committee, headed by Vince Russo.

For some time the WWE had to dealt with several retirements and career transition of their top stars. Not only have the like of Shawn Michaels and Edge quit their WWE careers, the careers of other legends such as Triple H and The Undertaker are winding towards the end.

The idea that CM Punk Leaving WWE is viewed by some as another sign that the WWE schedule needs to be tweaked.

While WWE Live Events are a important part of the marketing and revenue source, the hectic schedule of the Company has always been a source of problems for the talents. Currently there are no “off seasons” for the talents as they travel for the WWE all year round, although veteran wrestlers (Rey Mysterio) are given extra time or work part time scheldue (The Undertaker, Triple H).

If the rumors of CM Punk Leaving WWE is true, then he won’t be the first.

– In 2004, former WWE/UFC Champion Brock Lesnar terminated his WWE contract citing exhaustion from the road travels of the company.
– In 2005, former WWE Champion Chris Jericho took a 2 year hiatus which he reveal was needed to revive his passion for the business.
– In 2006, former WWE Champion Kurt Angle jumped ship to TNA Wrestling after being refused time off to deal with painkillers addictions.
– In 2010, former WWE Tag Team Champions Jeff and Matt Hardy both citied the WWE schedule as key reasons for leaving the company.

Once there is more information about the possible situation of CM Punk Leaving WWE, you can read them immediately here.



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    when it boils down to it. if its something you love to do then is ever work. suck it up & stop crying their are millions of people trying to get into the wwe. I mean this this in the most respected way when i say only the 1s that cant cut it step down a level(TNA) Like jamie fox said in any giving sunday. no1 grows up wanting to be #2. As of how TNA/2nd coming of WCW is looking they will be brunt out due to the fact is that they 4get the main rule in sports. stick to what got you there. they was just find with there own style with the 6side ring & own ways of doing things. Come on now we all know if TNA Goes under hogan & kurt angle will be back in WWE show boating around. CM punk if your not at the level on the roster that you fell the point the finger at yourself & ask what can you do to get there. all the stone cold,the rock & bret hart/ any harts didnt like where they was going & did something about it. unless your the game did someone about it ;^)

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