CM Punk Leaves WWE

CM Punk Leaves WWE

The latest update on whether will CM Punk Leaves WWE and the plans going forward for his feud with John Cena. According to a key WWE insider, currently the WWE creative team are said to be clueless and confused regarding CM Punk long term future in the company. Presently only Vince Mcmahon and a few selected group of trusted officials know the intimate details going forward.

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CM Punk Leaves WWE

Some member of the creative team are pitching for CM Punk to defeat John Cena and win the WWE title, and then be forced into defending the title against Cena in a rematch at WWE SummerSlam 2011. The idea is based on the CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy feud which saw Jeff Hardy leaving WWE.


Will CM Punk Leaves WWE Or Not – WWE Creative Team Also Kept In The Dark

However on the other side, creative team members who believe in the theory of CM Punk Leaving WWE after the Money In The Bank 2011 PPV are pitching about a possible departure angle on the next night Raw after July 17th to take CM Punk out of the picture completely.

During last week Raw, the CM Punk Leaves WWE on July 17 announcement was made after Punk had claim #! contender status for the WWE Title. Based on several sources in WWE, as of right now, the plan is that CM Punk leaves WWE following the Money in the Bank PPV, and Punk will not be signing an contract extension with the WWE.

However CM Punk contract expiry is actually around September which means that Vince Mcmahon has the option of changing plans and keep Punk on TV for longer. Of course CM Punk staying with WWE cannot be ruled out, as WWE has a history of accommodating to the demands of high profile superstars when it comes to contract negotiation.

CM Punk Leaves WWE – The Final Factor

In 2009, Jeff Hardy left WWE several months than he had initially planned as WWE management managed to convince him to stay a little longer by letting him work a much lighter schedule. For the situation that determine whether CM Punk Leaves WWE, much will depend on the drawing power of the CM Punk vs John Cena feud. If the angle gets over, it is very likely that WWE will offer much more on the table for CM Punk contract.

Those close to CM Punk also note that he has been putting even more effort than usual into preparing his promos to prove his worth to the WWE. One of the key reasons that CM Punk Leaves WWE will be because of his unhappiness with his status in the company. CM Punk feels that he should be pushed higher, among the top tier superstars of the company. It is not an exaggeration to say that CM Punk is Leaving WWE because of the Miz and Alberto Del Rio massive push to the main event in the last year.

A WWE insider source describe CM Punk position in WWE as “Neither Here nor There.”. The source noted that after 6 years in the WWE and a couple of World title reign, Punk is said to be too experienced to be part of the youth movement last year that saw Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz pushed strongly to the main event.

However on the other hand, WWE management also do not seek to protect CM Punk as a veteran and keep his heat. From 2010 Extrem Rules to 2011 Capitol Punishment PPV, CM Punk had only 2 PPV wins. Both were victories against Rey Mysterio.

It is also interesting to note that John Cena specifically asked for the feud with CM Punk heading into the summer, as Cena is said to be very smart when it comes to WWE backstage politics. Ultimately the current John Cena vs CM Punk feud will be a way for WWE management to have one final gauge of how “over” CM Punk is and for Punk to prove that he should be higher than where he’s been.

On this week edition of Monday Night Raw, CM Punk delivered a shoot promo on WWE politics and management holding him back. The promo led to the CM Punk Suspended storyline and caused much buzz backstage among the WWE Superstars and from the online WWE Universe. The likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross, MVP, Chris Jericho praised the CM Punk Shoot promo, claiming it was among the best they had seen.

With performances like that, it would be hard for WWE not to realize that they are potentially losing a very talented stars in weeks when CM Punk Leaves WWE and reject the option to extend his contract. Whether CM Punk joins TNA Wrestling or even Ring Of Honor eventually in the near future, remains to be seen.

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