CM Punk Come Back: Too Soon?

We have our roundtable discussion of whether

Did CM Punk Come Back too soon?
Seanfury: YES

If it is a permanent comeback, then WWE is going too fast with the CM Punk storyline.

However If CM Punk return on Monday Night Raw was only to show Cena that he is THE real champion, I have no problem.

However, this is relatively unlikely, since Punk cut a promo with the sentence “I am back ‘to the fans in attendance, when RAW was already no longer on the air.

I would have liked to CM Punk leave WWE for a slightly longer period. I also wonder why the WWE has decided to hotshot CM Punk return to WWE. Perhaps they rationalize that the magnificent response of the fans to Punk probably would have stopped without an appearance.

If it was up to me, I would have introduce CM Punk back piece by piece into the storyline is his role as a “Party Crashers”. First he had make an appearance for WWE Comic Con which got a great reactions.

Then Punk would have appear among the audience of several WWE shows, until he finally intervenes directly into the action.

Instead the matter the WWE has, in my opinion, make everything a rush. The point is that a man without a valid contract has come to the ring with a new theme song. That’s pretty funny.

As a fan of CM Punk, I am pleased indeed that he should be seen in the show but as a fan of the feud, I would have chosen a different path.

Did CM Punk Come Back: Too Soon?
Mightymark: Yes!

No ifs or buts: yes! One of the problems of the tight schedule of the WWE PPV’s, unfortunately, that means very little time for gradual developments of the feuds. In the story of CM Punk, John Cena and the WWE title, it could have been built for another three or four weeks.

Especially after the idea for a WWE Title tournament, the final match between The Miz and Rey Mysterio, the match between Rey and Cena.

Also, the way cm punk appear through the entrance ramp with new music was not what i had in mind. An appearance in the audience in street clothes, would have been much better and more logical. The bottom line here is that there are still plenty of questions in the storyline, which is of course a positive thing.

It is clearly too early to give serious criticism on whether WWE is handling CM Punk storyline at the right pace. The coming weeks will shed light on whether it was the right decision to have CM Punk come back so soon.

Did CM Punk Come Back: Too Soon?
Takerfan: NO

For me, this is exactly the right time to have CM Punk come back to the WWE. Why not? Punk is currently absolutely HOT! and if you wait longer, it would be the risk that the fans would not care as much.

For me, CM Punk was a talent who could easily compete in the Main Event, but never on the level of the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H or Shawn Michaels. With the current storyline, he has managed to be reach that very top level in the WWE.

The question is just how WWE want to explain CM Punk contract situation, we could get the answer this coming week on Raw.

Also, I’m very happy for the CM Punk John Cena match at WWE SummerSlam 2011. This is similar to Money in the bank as everything is open again, it should be really exciting. As I said, for me CM Punk Come back was done at the right time, since he is currently absolutely HOT!

Overall, I think it is what makes the whole story even better.

CM Punk Come Back To WWE: Too Soon?
Roundtable Vote: 2 (Yes) 1 (No)



  1. I’m with Takerfan, I personally don’t think CM Punk’s return is too soon. If Punk returned later, that means WWE gonna miss the opportunity to develop the biggest feud of the year on their biggest PPV of the summer, ie Summerslam. WWE could have made Rey vs Cena at Summerslam, but I don’t think it will draw as much attention as Punk vs Cena. If that makes sense.

    That being said, I also think WWE rushed the situation with Rey, I mean he just won the WWE title for the first time and hold it for a mere 2 hours?

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