Bella Twins Leaving WWE

It is being said by sources inside and outside of WWE that we can expect to see both Bella Twins Leaving WWE in 2012 April. First, the Bella twins Twitter updates denied the rumors about them quitting the company.

One of the source of the rumor was the American Icon Autographs Company which had advertise an autograph sessions with the Bella Twins being listed as formerly from WWE. The president of the company Sean Jacoby has explain that they might not have all the “correct information” and that it is entirely possible that the Bellas Twins resign with WWE to prolong their contracts.
bella twins leaving wwe
On the other hand, WWE sources have confirmed that they expect to see Bella Twins Leaving WWE on April 30 this year due to expiring contract that they will not extend. It seems that information about the dismissal was merely leaked too early to the public.

The contract of the Bella Twins will run out in a few weeks and both currently have no interest in renewing. The rumors of the Bella Twins Leaving WWE is supported the fact that the Bella twins would be at an autograph session announced for May with their real names. Brianna and Nicole Garcia, which is something WWE management does not allow.

Another twist to the whole thing could be the fact that Brie Bella (Brianna) is currently dating Daniel Bryan. The Bella Twins are since 2008 a part of the WWE TV shows.

Analysis: Why are Bella Twins Leaving WWE

First of all, the company is losing two young and good looking talent, so despite all the negative aspects of their wrestling skills, the Bella are still a loss if and when they do leave the WWE.

The news about Bella Twins Leaving WWE is a bit of a surprise, given that they have received decent tv time (for WWE divas that is) and appeared in backstage segments seemingly every week.

Previously there were also rumors about Kelly Kelly leaving WWE, also to pursue interest outside of wrestling. I think this is unfortunately going to be an ongoing problem for WWE as their policy of recruiting pretty models to wrestle backfires on them.

These beautiful girls have limited passion for the wrestling business, which takes it’s toll on the talents with the in ring injuries and constant traveling around the world. Meanwhile those with true passion for wrestling (Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim) are under utilized and not taken seriously by management.

It would seems that the desire to pursuit other projects is a common reason for the divas to quit WWE. We heard interviews from Maria and Mickie James regarding how WWE management are not open to them taking on external projects.

The “fear” of WWE is probably to prevent another case of former WWE diva stacy keibler (girlfriend of George Clooney) jumping to Hollywood after being allowed to be on Dancing with the Stars.

Maryse left WWE last year for similar reasons and is now working on her own fashion line. It would seem that WWE might lose even more WWE divas in the future unless they can manage to keep the “job satisfaction” quota on balance, just like what many industry are facing with the current generation of workers.

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  1. The Bella Twins can go away far from WWE. They’re just talentless sluts staying in the company cause its pays a lot. They won’t be remembered though. BUt they’ll do better outside WWE.

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