Batista Royal Rumble 2013 Return To WWE

There has been a rumor surfacing that we could see Dave Batista Royal Rumble 2013 Return To WWE. With the company lacking top stars, having the Animal Dave Batista come back to WWE would generate fan interest and counter declining viewership.

We understand that there has been talks between the two parties about Batista returning to WWE in 2013, leading to a match at Wrestlemania 29. However the talks are still far from done, with the amount of dates and money being the two main issues being discussed.
batista 2013 wwe return

Batista is said to be wanting a ‘Brock Lesnar’ type contract where he would only compete at major WWE PPV events and be allow to continue his MMA career.

Details on : Dave Batista Royal Rumble 2013 Return and Contract Talks

Those close to Dave Batista (David Michael Bautista) are saying that the former WWE wrestler comeback to the ring is indeed an possibility for several reasons. Firstly, Batista is looking for one final major finacial payoff before retiring for good due to his age.

It is also said that being off the road for the last couple of years has helped Batista recover physically and mentally from the stress and injuries of being a WWE Superstar.

We will have more updates on Dave Batista Royal Rumble 2013 Return To WWE and comeback when available, stay tuned.


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