Exclusive: Batista Return To WWE Is Unlikely

Ex-WWE champion Dave Batista ruled out a comeback to the promotion of Vince McMahon. “The Animal” Dave Batista quit WWE in early 2010 after a lengthy feud against John Cena, to take a break from wrestling.

Batista WWE

Batista Return To WWE Is Unlikely as he has some surprisingly strong words and distanced himself from the current WWE PG product.

When asked during an interview, Batista gave his opinion about the wrestling business in [the U.S.] in no uncertain terms.

The former WWE champion said that he thought nothing of the “PG” programming of the WWE and he has lost any desire to work with the WWE since the introduction of this new philosophy.

Batista believed that it would always be harder to watch the shows and “hide the reality to be captivated by the product” (“suspension of disbelief”), as many stories now simply become too childish to still be credible .

He noted that the Batista gimmick was definitely not “PG”, so that during 2009/2010, he increasingly lost the fun of wrestling. “And if you need to deal with the hard and fast paced WWE Schedule “on the road”, the profession should at least be fun so I finally decided to resign.”

It was noted that the last heel run by Batista in the spring of 2010 was the “best Batista of all time” and it was therefore surprising that “The Animal” was not having fun at work.

Batista MMA

Again Big Dave Batista replied honestly: “The Heel Run could that good, because I had already finished with with WWE as an employer. I knew soon [after the feud with Cena], I would leave the promotion. .”

Batista also discussced backstage WWE politics

“Usually this [WWE] business is extremely political. You always have to be very careful backstage with whom you are saying what to and what proposals [regarding the development of your wrestling character] is going on.

“Last year I knew already that I would go soon anyway, so in the end, it no longer bother me who I “piss”.

“I just have control over the presentation of my wrestling character in the shows. ” The heel Batista reflected in many ways his honest sentiment in 2010 and was played out quite naturally from his gut.

That’s why Batista feel that he probably come across as so authentic.

“The feud with Cena also pose a challenge, the audience had to really totally antagonize him, because Cena was a tweener who many of the fans did not like, which usually automatically ensure Pops for his opponents.” Batista felt it was necessarily to prevent this scenario.

Therefore, Batista had kept a great heel promo for the last RAW before WrestleMania 26 in San Jose that was not really approved backstage with the Office and was no longer “PG”. In this promo he had then insulted the audience big time heading into the WrestleMania match as a clear heel.

Batista Wallpaper

After the show, there was big trouble for Batista. Vince McMahon took him aside and stated that Batista “had gone too far” [in his choice of words].

Otherwise, the further course of the feud was very largely influenced by Batista. Even the “cool” outfits in his last three months, come from Batista own creation.

After leaving the WWE, Batista decide to negotiate a contract with MMA Promotion Strikeforce for a possible fight. The former WWE star underwent MMA training for many months.

However Batista MMA career come to a stop when UFC purchased Strikeforce, thus cancelling his scheduled fights.

Currently Batista is planning to open his own MMA Gym in Tampa Florida via partnership with Cesar Gracie. Batista will be providing the money while Cesar Gracie acts as the head trainer of the MMA Gym.

Headline Summary – Batista Return To WWE Unlikely as The former WWE Champion criticize the current WWE PG product.


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  1. DEANDRE says:

    why dont you come back wwe dave batista you can have a chance get your revenge on john cena please come back?

  2. Mohammad.m says:

    Yeah..i confirming dean comment.do you know dave? Most pepole think you scared from cena..absulotly i’m sure you are brave..you are the guy that hited cena hardly..wwe universe never forgot you dave.

  3. S.B.VIMAL BALAN says:

    Readers plz support and welcome BATISTA to come back to the RING and take REVENGE on JOHN CENA , RANDY ORTON .

  4. batista come back!

  5. cena comes up to batista and says: u cant see me batista replys and says: YOUR SUPPOSD TO BE MY FRIEND FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 says:

    my name tells the whole story. i dont care if he came back or not all im saying is someone has got to replace that yaba daba bit*h cena

  6. Ese vato says:

    The animal batista is a legend and should come back to wwe and prove hes the best which he is

  7. md hisham says:

    i want my favourite wrestler batista back in to the ring before wrestlemania 28 to prove he is the best by challenging cena once again

  8. Gagan Jatt says:

    Batista plz cum back…..Again becum a Champion…Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Man you missing the action come back its you or nothing batista remember you are the animal

  10. why the animal Batista don.t returns to wwe? how ever he can beat all wwe superstars

  11. midhun narayan says:

    batista without you wwe nothing so please come back and enjoy us the real animal power

  12. i like you batista please come in wwe.

  13. I want to see your action every week and week. So please Dave Batista comeback to wwe.

  14. Batista iam missing you very much please come back at wwe before wrestlemania 28 i want to see your match at wrestlemania 28 batista vs john cena i quit match you can make john cena quit WWE, he is loser and he is rubbish ..Batista you are awessome and handsome when you unleashed john cena will fear you for you are brave. Batista come back before wrestlemania 28 GOOD LUCK BATISTA!!!!!MISS YOU

  15. If u think batista is the best then u are mistaken, John cena is the best champion u will ever see in wwe history… Batista can never make cena say i quit not now and not anytime.

  16. madhab chakraborty says:

    i have a son he is now 4 years old,when i watch wwe for u then he says to ma”batista bomb”with ur action.plz batista come back.we miss u very much. Batista u r the bomb that will burn cena,plz come back i miss u.plz.

  17. Man i been watching Batista since u came in to the wwe and let me tell you sum, there nobody can make the show then when u were there. Wrestling is suck right now same people difrent day.. You need to come back and be that wwe superstar that everybody want to see again so think about it Dave, pro wrestling is nothing without you….

  18. Jessica Salinas says:

    Dave PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ come bax 2 wwe it is sooooo lame & unintresting without u……think about it u r great & not to mention u r sexy…but yes u r a great persona…..plzzz come bax….:'(

  19. Sunil Gothwal says:

    Batista is the best wrestler in this world, COME ON BATISTA PROVE IT BECAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS.

  20. batista please come back to wwe, we need you it is so boring without you, my fav wresteler when i saw you on t.v i tried to impersinate you but its nothing with out you pls come back we miss you, batista is my greaTEST INFLUENCE.

  21. Batista should come back and beat up del rio and his idiot announcer ricardo then go after mark henry and retire him

  22. Dave Batista please come back and show who you really are you are the man who can beat and replace monkey a** cena

  23. Jobanpreet says:

    Batista is my best man ever
    without him wwe is like graveyard
    he’s the shine of wwe And must return.Plz

  24. He already proved it. Batista had a great run with the WWE. As the article states. HE IS DONE WITH WWE. And HE IS OPENING UP HIS OWN MMA GYM IN TAMPA FLORIDA, WHICH WILL NO DOUBT KEEP HIM BUSY.

  25. please come back batista in 2011.

  26. batista please come back…. i don’t watch wwe because there is no interesting person to watch all of those people sucks except the rock who barely comes. please come back!!!! ps: did you all know that only undertaker and cena are the ones only beat batista and nobody else. plus batista beat undertaker and cena back….. so batista is the best wrestler

  27. rob callison says:

    john cena is killing the wwe. this so called pg is really killing the buisness. why dont they listen to us fans anymore. plz we need the attitude that once was to come back in some way u really need to forget about this pg vince ur loosin it bud.. been a fan for 30 years watch evry week. and the rock better not loose to cena otherwise u will loose one of ur most loyal fans..

  28. Dear Batista,
    How are you? I am fine. I hope you are also fine. I am from Bangladesh. My important message to you is that you have to come back to WWE in 2012. Please, I want you to return before Wrestlemania XXVIII. I want to see you at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Best of luck. I am missing you. I hope you can defeat John Cena, easily. You are brave.
    Your WWE Supporter

  29. vinothkumar says:

    Batista come in royal rumble 2012

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