Daniel Bryan WWE

With 10 years of Indy Wrestling Experience, Daniel Bryan WWE debut came on as a rookie with the most experienced in the first season of WWE NXT. Trained by none other than Shawn Micheals, Bryan has learned his skills on various continents. In his travels, he was primarily known for his hybrid fighting style of Japanese and American actions with precision kicks, bone-hard suplexes and a variety of submission holds. Bryan once competed in Tokyo in front of 50,000 spectators.

Darren Young Gay

WWE superstar Darren Young was caught at the airport by TMZ this weekend, and admitted that he was gay.

Vince Mcmahon: Booking The New Main Event

vince mcmahon wwe

There was a new day dawning in WWE, and it’s certainly no accident. The overseer of our wrestling world set a plan in motion back in 2002 that is finally coming to fruition. The sun began to peek over the horizon at Survivor Series, and last month at WrestleMania it rose into clear view.

How To Become A WWE Superstar Book Review

HBAWS Book Cover

Ever Dream about wrestling in front of millions of fans in the WWE ring? Well, then check out what we think of the newly released book which promises to teach you how to do just that.

RVD Money In The Bank 2013 WWE Return

One of the major news that came out of WWE Payback PPV was the announcement that former WWE, ECW and TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam (RVD) was returning to WWE at Money In The Bank 2013. It is anticipated that RVD will compete in the MITB Ladder match, competing for a WWE/World Title shot with other WWE Superstars.

Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return

One of the ongoing topic among WWE officials in the past week is the Undertaker Summerslam 2013 Return. The plan is to have Kane and Undertaker team up to take on a common enemy in the Shield. WWE had planned the seed for the match up by having the Shield destroy the Undertaker on Smackdown in April.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H Backstage Argument Is A Work (Exclusive)

Despite the numerous reports online that there was a legit argument between Daniel Bryan and HHH at Raw this Monday, a source at WWE reveals that the entire thing is a work. The WWE management leaked the “news” of the argument to the dirtsheets, hoping that they would report it as a shoot. Since then, several popular wrestling dirtsheets have reported the news as fact.

WWE Summerslam 2013 Match Card

Here is the rumored WWE Summerslam 2013 Match Card, with some of the matches still being discussed while others are already planned. The Summerslam 2013 PPV take place on the date of August 18 .

WWE Payback 2013 Results

WWE Payback 2013 Results

WWE Payback 2013 Results PPV

WWE Payback 2013 Match Card

WWE Payback 2013 Match Card PPV event live on 16.06.2013 from Chicago, Illinois, Allstate Arena.

Wrestling couples in real life and reel life

terri runnels and val venis

Examining the on screen and off screen female and male partnerships in professional wrestling. I was thinking about this the other day and I was wondering why none of them seem to work out. Obviously it is the nature of wrestling storylines to ebb and flow and come and go, but that doesn’t explain the crash and burn history of ‘real life’ wrestling couples. Besides, this topic gives me a chance to go back through the annuals of wrestling years past and everyone knows how much I love to do that. So without further ado…

History of WWF Championships

wwf title 1998

Today we’re going to take a look at the titles of the WWF. To start with, I thought we might take a basic overview of some of the major WWF titles – The World Title, the Intercontinental Title, and the European Title. And yes, I left out the Tag Team titles and the Hardcore title on purpose. The Tag Titles are their own little category and the Hardcore title is way too confusing these days.